Edwin Musiime talks marriage, divorce and new beginnings

Friday August 30 2019

Edwin Musiime and Christabel Musiime during

Edwin Musiime and Christabel Musiime during breakfast at their home in Buziga. Courtesy photo 

By Desire Mbabaali

Barely a week after their wedding, we managed to squeeze time into their very tight schedule to meet the Musiimes at their beautifully designed three-storey house in Buziga, which Edwin now calls home.

We find the couple organising an appreciation goat roast for close friends and family. With all the preparations and cooking going on, it is hard to steal Christabell from the kitchen but Edwin leads me on to the terrace where I make myself comfortable and before long, he joins me with apologies that we won’t be starting the interview with his wife, but rather, she would join us later.

Considering the probing and negativity that has been making rounds on social media about their union, I set out to start the interview with caution, however, by the look of things, Edwin is calm and ready to share.

Starting with the biggest elephant in the room, I, on behalf of all the questioning voices ask Edwin what went wrong in his first marriage.

With a deep breath and a low but collected tone, he replies.

“I don’t want to go into extreme details of what did or did not happen in my first marriage. I have seen a number of criticisms on social media but life has got its numerous challenges. If there is anyone in life who aspires for perfection, that is me and when I set out in that marriage, I wanted it to be the very best… but there is a way life panels out and you can never know what tomorrow holds whether Christian, non-Christian, pastor, non-pastor, believer, non-believer, priest, or any social class.”