Ssekkono died two days to his birthday

Sunday January 12 2020

Emmanuel Ssekkono during his hey days. File

Emmanuel Ssekkono during his hey days. File Photo. 

By Gabriel Buule

Emmanuel Ssekkono cherished sports, he was never a mere commentator. He also took part and made it to the shortlist of various teams such as Kibuli Red Eagles handball team.
In fact, he was the kind that delayed a trip to watch Arsenal FC, his favourite team from Europe, play. And it was always Arsenal he would use as an ice breaker, especially while starting a conversation with a random person.
The only thing that would take him from an Arsenal match was always a family matter or a call from his employer.
Yet, even with that background, Frank Ssemujju, his brother says driving was always what he wanted to do.
Ssekkono loved cars so much that he always wished to work for two things; a house and his own car. Even on his sick bed at the end of the year, he hoped to recover and make this a reality.
“He had always told us that his dream was to build for his children and buy his own car such that he could work without pressure and have more time with his family” Ssemujju says.
A vegetarian, he was always taunted for his love of posho and beans. Some had imagined he wanted to save by eating cheap, but it was a lifestyle; “he preferred his meals organic,”his brother explains.
Regardless of his health conscience tendencies, on December 14, Ssekkono collapsed at his home in Namawojjolo while his wife had gone to work.
She says he had complained about ulcers the day before but they had used quick home remedies and moved on. Unknown to them, he needed more attention.
His neighbours say, Ssekkono was found helpless in the morning at his home. He was rushed to Saint Francis Clinic in Namawojjolo, where he was attended to and referred to Naguru Hospital in Kampala days later.
He could not speak by the time he was rushed to hospital. However, by December 17, at Naguru, he had improved a great deal, and had started talking again, albeit with difficulty.
The doctors indicated that he had issues with the brain and would be subjected to 14 days of treatment. He would later be examined.
On December 21 though, he got worse, lost his speech again and could not even move. On the days that followed, he was at the mercy of those tending him, his brother and mother.
On December 24, like all people, Ssekkono’s family too were partly into the Christmas mood. For instance, Ssemujju says he had to take some time off to send money to a number of people.
However, he says his errands ran longer and he missed several calls. When he reached Naguru Hospital at 4pm, it was Ssekkono’s death that greeted him.
It was just a few hours to Christmas Day, yet they now had a burial to put together. On Christmas Day, he was buried in Kitebere Busujju- Mityana District. He is survived by four children and their mothers.
As is the norm in the church, Ssemujju was planning to have his children baptised on Boxing Day. Thereafter, he was looking forward to throwing a bash that would also double as his birthday party.
Ssemujju says even when they were interested in finding out what exactly killed Ssekkono, since they were afraid of accumulating more bills, a postmortem was not carried out.
“Our mother had lost interest since doctors kept tossing us around.”
Brief bio
The deceased was a son of Francis Ssekkono (deceased) and Ms. Margaret Ssekkono. He was born on December 26, 1982 in Kibuli Kampala. He studied at Shimon Demonstration School and later joined Police Children School in Kibuli where he completed his primary studies and pursued a course in driving.
The last born in a family of five, he juggled both sports and driving as he played both football and handball for Kibuli Red Eagles.
He has been a sports bus driver working with Kampala University Ggaba –Kampala for three years. Before there, he worked with Britannia Limited and Mukwano Group as a driver.