FAMILY values :Cultural roots are key

Sunday December 2 2012

By Gloria Haguma

For any parent, the one thing they would want from their children is to grow up into good spirited adults that they are proud of. That is why Margaret Nabiryo, a mother of four, tries her level best when bringing up her children.

“As a parent ,I always want the best for my children, and I want them to look back one day and say they are proud of me,’’ she says. The single mother of four says although it has not been an easy task, she tries her level best.

“As parents, it is our obligation to see our children groomed into responsible people. In my family, togetherness is the number one family value. I teach my children to learn to love one another and always be there for each other, ’’she adds.

In order to maintain this aspect of togetherness, Margaret and her children organise family outings from time to time, especially during the school holidays and other public holidays when the children are back from school.

Her second and most important family value is creating a tight bond between her children and their culture. “Many parents today have failed to bond their children and their culture; it is a common scenario in many families today to find English as the official language used at home. This in the end, results into children not knowing how to speak their mother tongue,’’ says Nabiryo.

That is why Luganda is the language used for communication at her home. She adds that she also makes sure that her children get to spend at least one week of their holidays in the village with their grandparents. This, she says, helps them get more involved and attached to their traditional roots.


“As a single parent, I face a lot of challenges especially since I have to play both the male and female parent roles in their lives. So I apply different parenting tools for the children, since the girl child will require different attention from the boy child. I always spare time from my busy schedule and sit down with my children and get to know more about what they could be facing in their lives,’’ she says.

According to Nabiryo, one of the reasons why parents fail to groom their children is because they fail to listen to them. She adds that a child may have a problem, but since they know their parent may not listen, they end up talking to their friends or other relatives. It is therefore always advisable to listen and not rebuke them as this could cause the children to withdraw from confiding in you.

“The last and most important value is instilling the aspect of hard work in my children. At home, every person is assigned a specific role or duty and there is no room for laziness. I want my children to grow in to hardworking individuals, that is why house work is compulsory to everyone,’’ she concludes