God is my everything - Levixone

Sunday January 12 2014




He says he sings gospel music because it is his mission which his father up in heaven sent him to fulfil. He is paid for it but he is glad that this is a style of music that is full of love, joy and peace.
Levixone is more recently known for his song Noonya Omu, which he says is his testimony but before he got this breakout hit, he had been singing and hustling to earn it. He kept his faith in the Lord.
It is not surprising that his name has something to do with the most high.
He says, “Levixone comes from Leviticus in the Bible where Levi stands for Leviticus and the Xone stands for 1tym which is my label.”
He started doing gospel music at 15. Even at a tender age he dealt with subjects that were above his age.
His simple teenager rap and singing was not just about the feel-good subjects like the beauty of Africa.
With his budding talent he tackled more serious societal issues like HIV/Aids.

The youngster drew inspiration from reggae icon Lucky Dube and Crystal Fabulous, an older gospel artiste, who later on played a big role in helping him kick-start his music career.

To tell my story
And when Levixone learnt how to do music he used it to tell stories, from his experiences, hoping that he could inspire the next fellow young people.
“Much of my music is a life testimony to the youth and I think every situation I have passed through some youth are facing. I make sure my music is my gospel to them,” he explains.
One of such songs is Noonya Omu. In this song he sings about the selfless nature of the lord, fusing this with his life journey. Levixone uses common stories in society portraying the weakness of humanity thus the need to trust the Lord who never lets us down.
The story behind this song is touching too.
He emotively explains, “I wrote this song after being dropped by a man I thought was my father.
He told me that he was not my daddy which was true after I got to know the story.

I was left with no one to call father apart from God the father who is the father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless.”
And speaking about testimonies you will hear lyrics that tell of the not so good experiences he has with his stepfather.
“My life was not a joking subject like Golola Moses says. I was chased from home at the age of 11 years and started hustling. It was not easy because no one could love or help me,” he adds.

His music and inspiration
The upcoming urban gospel artiste has released other songs like Niwewe, Kangende Noono, Help me where I cry 2 God for help, Kiloto, Dreaming of big cars, Passport, among others.
And while doing his music he makes sure he captures the cross-divide of listeners.
His music ranges from reggae, Rhythm & Blues (Rn’B) and a bit of soul music.

This has also included working with secular artistes whose following would win him more fans.
He has collaborated with Bebe Cool, Coco Finger, Mun G and Jackie Chandiru. He has accordingly called it the ‘Year of connection’ gospel album.
Levixone discloses that without much education, having stopped in Senior Four (S.4), he looks at feeding from his talent.
And while gospel music is viewed as a genre that does not attract good pay the luminary says that he learnt the trick to earn good money from his talent.

“Music is rewarding depending on how you blend it and how you market your music and yourself as an artiste. I am visible on reverbernation and social networks which has expanded my fan base,” he argues.
He has been paid two million shillings for a performance, but this is a career that has got its challenges too.
“I have been conned by fake promoters, struggled to raise money for studio time. And after doing the songs I will need the money to shoot nice music,” he says.

When he performs
For the Levixone fan you will catch him perform at Sheraton Kampala Hotel at the ‘Reggae Worship Night’ which takes place every quarter in the year.
Among the others highlights of his career was performing at 50-years-dinner at Kampala Serena Hotel.
He also performed at the recent Club Music Awards, and at the Phatfest.

why music?
There was not mush that Lexione could do after dropping out of school and facing reality of not havin someone in the family to look up to.
After finding out that he had a talent to sing, he opted to exploit it.

And when Levixone learnt how to do music he used it to tell stories, from his experiences, hoping that he could inspire the next fellow young generation.