Here comes the bride

Sunday November 24 2019




Some time back, I attended the wedding of my friend’s daughter, it had been a while since I attended a wedding, so I was looking forward to discover all the details that I knew my friend had been working on for many months. It was a beautiful wedding, the venue, music, food and the bride looked stunning, but the most interesting was the bride’s entrance ceremony.
While guests were seated on two sides with an aisle in between, a door opened at the end of the aisle and flower girls made an entrance, they spread rose petals all the way to the end of the aisle, a few minutes later, the door opened again, this time with different music and lights, the groom and his entourage came in and took position at the end of the aisle too. The door opened again the bride’s mom and dad came in, then the grooms parents too, music change and bride’s maids entered one by one, then her maid of honour, by now almost an hour passed by and we were yet to see the bride.
Finally, the door opened for the last time, coloured fumes were sent in to make the entrance even more mystic, then she appeared with her shining gown, tiara and a very long veil, walking alone, and in an extremely slow pace, giving everyone enough time to extinguish their curiosity, the long wait was worth it.
After this wedding, I started noticing how the bridal entrance has evolved with time. I recall at our wedding, which was also a grand wedding, that we waited at the entrance of the hall while four staff of the hotel held some sort of fire torches , the band played a typical bridal entrance music and we were ushered to our place, the whole affair took no longer than ten minutes.
Today, it seems it’s all about the entrance, the wedding planners compete in creating a phenomenal event out of it, of course, the higher the budget, the more magical it will be. Some wealthy couples go as far as spending a fortune on having a song composed just for them, performed by famous artistes, this will be played at the moment of their entrance.
It’s great to see so much joy and enthusiasm at the beginning of a union of two loved ones, hope is that it will be indeed an eternal union, this seems to be less likely these days, with high numbers of divorce around the world, maybe the focus should shift to deepening the spiritual bonds of couples rather than materials.