I am crazy about shades - Chozen Blood

Sunday September 8 2019

Musician Chozen Blood, real name Patrick

Musician Chozen Blood, real name Patrick Musasizi. Photo by ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE 


MY STYLE. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE caught up with musician Chozen Blood, real name Patrick Musasizi to talk about his fashion sense.

What fashion style describes you?
Comfortable. I wear clothes that give me peace. Jeans and t-shirts or shorts work for me. Shorts and jeans make me comfortable.

When did you start dressing like this?
Ever since I started singing because music and fashion go hand in hand. You have to dress your best because you have people who look up to you.

What is likely not to miss in your wardrobe?
Clear glasses or sunglasses. I like protecting my eyes from the sunrays and dust. And I sometimes prevent eye contact such as in clubs or during interviews.

How many shades do you own?
I own more than 20 pairs.

Of the 20, what is the most expensive?
I own Versace glasses that I bought at $1,000 (about Shs3m).


How often do you go shopping?
Whenever I feel like and whenever I spot nice outfits I buy.

How much do you usually spend?
It varies.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
A Zara jacket I bought from Johannesburg, South Africa at more than 4,000 Rand (more than Shs900,000).

And the cheapest...?
A black T-shirt that I bought at Shs20,000 from downtown Kampala.

The most outrageous trend?
I do not fancy Gucci items because their items have been counterfeited.

What are your three must-haves?
Sun glasses, a watch and a deodorant or spray. I have to be fresh, smart and clean.

Speaking of deodorant. What brand do you use?
Versace, I bought it $500(approx Shs1.8m). It has the best scent.

Do you go to the gym?
No, but I do roadwork because I need to maintain my breath as a musician. I believe going to the gym makes me fat. Besides, I don’t think my height is perfect for gym workouts. I fear that I could put on more weight and look shorter.

What are your eating habits?
I have my first meal at 3pm then at 2am because I sleep late.
I enjoy eating home cooked irish potatoes, rice and beans.

If I’m not busy, I visit the salon twice a week and spend Shs150,000 to have my hair trimmed and beard styled.
Why do you change your hairstyle?
Because I’m adventurous and get bored by the same look.