If only they made quality pork…

Sunday November 25 2018


By A. Kadumukasa Kironde II

Yakobo’s pork joint has been around for several years and by all accounts is a household name. When people in Kampala speak of pork joints, two places come to mind; Yakobo’s and Nicodemus and for some unfathomable reason, Ugandans love these joints and go there in droves.
While I eat pork and rate it as one of my better preferred meats, I have never understood the Ugandan craze of eating pork in dingy so called pork joint and partake of greasy and tasteless fatty pork that has barely been marinated.

At Yakobo’s Pork Joint in Kikoni-Makerere, bear in mind that there is another branch in Ntinda, we were welcomed by a waitress who was not well spoken but nevertheless announced the short menu in a staccato voice. The availability of pork ribs for Shs8,000, pork skewers at Shs4,000, while the usual accompaniments such as boiled cassava, roasted matooke, greens, kachumbari and avocado were Shs2,000 a pop.

Dining rate
We settled for ribs; two skewers and the sides minus the matooke. Twenty minutes later, our order was served. our first reaction was that the meat was not enough and so we ordered for two more skewers and frankly speaking, the food was an awful disappointment. Besides being meagre in portion, it was fatty with scant effort to remove the offending rind which made for an oily outcome. Little effort, if any, was made to marinate the meat with salt and Royco being in generous mass.

Worst of all, the greens were served absolutely cold as was the case with the cassava. Why Ugandans put up with such is shameful and disgusting; considering how much they love pork they deserve a much better product that has been marinated and as for that awful kigodo it really is a rip off.

Last but not least, there is no reason why greens and cassava should be allowed to be served cold. Considering what they are charging, they really need to pull up their socks and style up and stop taking people for granted.
For that matter, I am sure, if they spruced up the place and improved on the quality of the meals it would be a win-win situation for everybody.

The deal
Place: Yakobos Pork Joint
Address: Makerere, Kiconi, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
Smoke-free zone: Nobody smokes
Recommended items: Nothing to recommend
Service: Lackadaisical
Ambience: dreary and miserable
Open: Daily
Menu: Ribs of pork, pork skewers, boiled cassava, greens, kachumbari and roasted matooke
The crowd: Locals

The bar: Local beer and soda
The damage: Almost Shs40,000 for two
Sound level: Noisy
Rating: Don’t waste your time
Parking: Available
If you go: Daily

These views are the reviewer’s personal reaction with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings are subject to change without notice.