In silence, can we delete our ex’s contacts?

Sunday November 25 2018


By Andrew Kaggwa

The phone book is one part of the phone where the memory is barely low, we keep numbers of our former maid’s aunt, some girl from Jumia, your first neighbour, a guy you bought the wardrobe from, campus boda guy, and some girl you saved as Tracy Liquid Silk (probably that is where you met).
When you check many guys phones, you will sure catch them with numbers of girls they have hooked up with (some are in successful marriages now, others are dead) and of course, a slew of their ex-girlfriends’ numbers.

Like in a manner of not taking care of the gadget you spend much of the day with, you notice that many have not even updated the names of these people. For instance, if the name had been saved as ‘Sweet Diana’, this boy child will keep it that way even when he finds a sweeter Diana in future.

Many guys have been victims of their phone books and the way they saved people’s names, imagine a girl you thought to be a trouble maker and saved her as Pepper Jane, then you started dating Pepper Jane and she discovered the way she is saved in your phone, the same phone that has a Sweet Diana somewhere.
The reasoning is that they rarely think about updating names and more so, “what matters is what I feel for you not the way I address you in a Chinese assembled gadget.” Other reasons include a fact that they could have broken up with the other people but they are not necessarily enemies.

The worst reason was a guy that claimed that he wanted to delete the number; “but when I pressed ‘Delete’, the phone brought a message, ‘Are you sure you want to delete..’” that’s when he realised he did not want to lie to his phone, he kept it.

Regardless the reason, we are approaching holidays and it is at this time that our hormones do more thinking than our brains, soon, you will have a lot of time on your hands and before you know, a conversation is initiated and then you are into something you cannot get out of.
Thus, let us all slide to our phone books and quietly delete those contacts, do not worry, they will not even notice.