Invent phones without chargers

Sunday September 9 2018

Stella Riunga

Stella Riunga 

By Stella Riunga

When people buy phones, do they not come with chargers? I have to ask, because one of my colleagues and I have shared a phone charger now for a very long time.

If I’m not the one lending him a charger then it is someone else in the office. I doubt this phone of his has ever known what it feels like to be charged by its own charger. And what about the many social occasions during which someone invariably starts asking around for a charger? What do these people do with their phone chargers anyway-eat them?

Use them to bash in the heads of rats and other pests? Give them to their children as toys? I think we just need solar-powered phones.
I have a few ideas to share with phone manufacturers.

Why waste resources manufacturing chargers that your customers are never going to use? Let us look for alternative means to charge them.

How about a phone that recharges using body heat- one could conveniently charge their phone by tucking it into areas that generate maximum heat, such as, under one’s weave (though the phone would have to be waterproof as well to contend with the sweat in there) or in the back fold of one’s neck, for those blessed with these extra folds.

One could even sleep with the phone cuddled under the armpit to gain maximum heat possible, which would also have the benefit of ensuring that nobody would borrow your phone for hygiene reasons.
However, it would be advisable to leave the phone on silent mode in case a sudden vibration under one’s armpit in the middle of the night induces a heart attack. Or maybe we should take our phones outside for a good bask in the sun, well swaddled in blankets like little babies, so that they can recharge. I guess the only problem would be retrieving one’s phone from rather awkward charging positions.
So as we wait for these solar and heat-powered phones, please dear brethren, let us carry our own chargers and leaving our borrowing ways behind. Don’t be that person disturbing a wedding party because you cannot find anywhere to charge your phone!