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Sunday December 1 2019

Yummy. A view of the Shanghai Restaurant

Yummy. A view of the Shanghai Restaurant Kampala. NET PHOTO. 

Shanghai Restaurant has been around for well-nigh twenty-five years and has always enjoyed the reputation of being one of those Chinese joints that are known to serve truly authentic food. Granted that there are many Chinese restaurants that have sprung over the years but there is a lot to be said for being a pioneer.

If I am not mistaken, the owners, Jeff and Mai Linn first opened a Chinese restaurant in Ghana where they had established a timber business, and in fact one of the principal chefs who opened Shanghai in Uganda was a Ghanaian fellow by the name of George Ofori who was known to be a genius when it came to cooking while at the same time a tippler of the highest order. I have no idea whether or not he is still holding forte at Shanghai, which is beside the point since the food has never been better.

They have a range of starters such as golden fried cauliflower or a medley of deep fried mixed vegetables. We generally recommend their spring rolls that come in vegetable, chicken or pork. While on the subject of starters, the fried crispy prawns with ginger are delicious though not cheap. Among the soups you can choose the fabled shark’s fin soup or the one of the most famous of all Chinese soups, the hot and sour soup. Do be sure to specify whether you prefer it with vegetables or chicken.

The same goes for the sweet corn of which there are two versions. As for the main courses sweet and sour chicken is a favorite of many, while the sauté beef in with vegetables is another one of those items that often appeals to all. When it comes to pork over at Shanghai, the barbecue spareribs are incredibly succulent, garlicky and we always order for them and are never disappointed.

They remain an all-time favorite of ours. We also love the spicy pork with green pepper, a little hot but very worthwhile. Hard to find in Kampala are pigs ears along with pork trotters cooked in a spicy manner. The norm is to grill the former while the latter are boiled. The Chinese have perfected the art of cooking these delicacies and will make even the most jaded diner impressed with the outcome.

The best rule of thumb when you dine out in a Chinese joint is to be judicious in ordering and not over order. Sharing is common and encouraged and of course there is the consolation of the doggy bag so to speak.


The deal
Place: Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
Address: Ternan Avenue
The Space: Decent with an outdoor setting as well as a couple of private dining rooms.
The Crowd: Chinese seem to love this place though Ugandans and expats also frequent the place,
The menu: Appetizers: Fried spring rolls, golden fried prawns, Soup Hot & Sour soup, fresh fish fillet with ginger & soy sauce, Jumbo prawns in hot iron plate, Chicken, Lamb, Beef & Pork as well as vegetables. Naturally they always have rice and noodles.

Recommended dishes: Shanghai also has what one might term as the ‘Other Special Menu’ that by all accounts is truly exotic. Feel free to ask the waiter about it and if you are game to sliced cold chicken gizzards with garlic sauce or steamed pork with yams. Of particular interest to us is the pig ear salad that is served cold and is swathed in wonderful sesame oil concoction. The shark fin soup is another favorite of mine.
Beverages: The usual selection of beer, some wine, juice and soda.

Damage: Shs 100’000/- for two is realistic
Service: Efficient and caring
Sound level: Very good.
Parking: Secure and available
If you go: 7 days of the week, open for lunch and supper