Our love started from a hangout

Sunday June 10 2018

It is done: The couple in front of the church

It is done: The couple in front of the church after exchanging vows. COURTESY PHOTO 


How did you meet Olivia?
Julius: I met Olivia at Chicken Tonight, Kireka in May 2013. I remember asking her for her phone number and she gave it to me. Through daily communication, we became friends and grew closer. Around October, the same year, I asked whether she had someone in her life because I was attracted to her. When she said there was none, I proposed marriage through a text message.

How did you react to his proposal?
Olivia: Although I had developed feelings for him, a quick yes would not make me come off as principled. So, I requested for a fortnight to feel more comfortable and make a wise decision. From what I had seen him do for me, saying no would be a mistake.

What attracted you to each other?
Julius: Olivia is strong-willed and fights for what she wants. She is enterprising, and God-fearing.
Olivia: Julius is God-fearing, from a good family, has developmental ideas and is fatherly.

What was your wedding day like?
Julius: It is one of my best days. I saw people working tirelessly and sacrificing for our happiness. It was amazing, we felt loved by our families and friends.
Olivia: It was memorable. My husband worked hard to see my dream come true.

What interested you the most?
Julius: The moment she said I do, I felt it come from the bottom of her heart.
Olivia: The smile on Julius’s face was beautiful. My parents cheered us on and it was a dream come true for them too.

When did the wedding happen?
Julius: We wedded on May 5, 2018 at St Peter’s Church Nsambya. I chose it because of its strong Catholic traditions and the fact that it is near my home area. I never wanted to make people move long distances. We later hosted our guests at Hannon Gardens in Nsambya. I opted for this venue because it is within the church premises. This also saved us time that we would have wasted trying to beat traffic jam in the city and surrounding areas.

How many guests did you plan for?
Julius: We planned for 350 people but the number exceeded to 450. However, we were able to cater for them because we had earlier requested the service provider to add extra plates of food.

What did you wear for your wedding?
Julius: I wore a grey suit, which I bought at Shs500,000. I borrowed the idea from Pinterest, a fashion website.

Who was your bestman?
Julius: Christopher Lutwaama because he is my best friend, is understanding, and he was also the chairman of our wedding meetings.

How much did the decoration cost?
Julius: Adonai Events charged us Shs3.9m.

How did you choose your gown?
Olivia: I had initially wanted to wear a mermaid gown but after several fittings in some of the bridal shops around town, my sister and other people around advised that a Cinderella gown would look better on me. Since I am taller than my husband, it would make me look a bit shorter. I bought material and made a simple and attractive pure white off shoulder gown.

Why did you tailor your own gown?
Olivia: I wanted something that would sell my fashion brand. Many doubted my ability to make such a nice gown and, I needed to prove them wrong. It is not true that all nice and beautiful gowns are imported.
Who was your maid of honour?
Olivia: Hadijah Nalugwa. Although she is of a different religion, she is mature, straightforward and wishes me well. I, however, had a different witness (a Christian) to sign on the marriage certificate.

What was your colour theme?
Olivia: Peach blended with royal blue. I wanted a unique look since many brides had worn peach dresses.

What did not go right on that day?
Julius: The lights went off at night yet I had paid for fuel for a generator. However, my bestman handled it and everything got back to normal.
Olivia: Since it rained heavily on that day, the decorator did not bring out what I exactly wanted.

How important was premarital counselling?
Julius: We had three months of counselling but I remember the counsellor pointing out that marriage is what we make it; it can either be heaven or hell. I was told to know the importance of my wife and the need to value her, and how to groom my children.
We should be forgiving, have good communication, take my marriage and my wife seriously, among other things.
I believe that with these in consideration, our marriage will last.
Olivia: Since I had never stayed with him, I learnt how to treat my husband, his friends and my in-laws.
We should be prayerful, supportive and hardworking.
I was also advised on how to handle him and myself in bed (it is confidential). The counsellor showed us how important these are for our marriage to be successful.

Where did you go for honeymoon?
Julius: We did not go. We decided to stay home as I plan for something better.

How did you feel about honeymoon?
Olivia: God had already given us the gift of marriage (Holy Matrimony) and besides, Julius had promised me something better, so there was no reason for me to feel bad or sad.

How would you advise someone who is getting married soon?
Julius: Plan a wedding that is within your means to avoid pressure and stress. That way, you can top-up in case of a deficit.
Olivia: Put God first before every decision you make, do not be extravagant, and think about tomorrow.
Avoid putting your partner under pressure and stress, just work within your means. Remember this will affect both of you in future.

Tit bits
Date: May 5, 2018
Groom: Julius Naduli
Bride: Olivia Nagadya
Church: St Peter’s Church Nsambya
Reception venue: Hannon Gardens, Nsambya
Decor: Shs 3.9m
Guests: 450
Budget: Shs25 million