Prayers parents ought to pray over their children

Monday September 2 2019

Let children take part in spiritual activities.

Let children take part in spiritual activities. NET PHOTOS 

By She Spell

One of the most important jobs as parents is to keep our children’s lives covered in prayer. It does not matter whether they are not yet born or they are all grown and having children of their own. Children do need and greatly benefit from our prayers.
There is great power in prayer far beyond what most people imagine. In fact, don’t ever underestimate the power of a praying parent. Most of us are alive because of that. So it is only fair to return the favour.
When you pray, identify every concern, fear, worry, or possible scenario that might befall your children and release them into God’s hands and release them from your concern. Here are short prayers to fit your specific need.
Ask the father to help your children find and marry the person well suited for them. Pray that His mercy protects their precious hearts from pain and suffering. Let their hearts be filled with the love of the Lord. May they see the glory of God revealed in their relationships? (Prov 31, Eph 5:25)

Pray for the best
When you pray about particular situations in your children’s lives, pray for much more than just the bare minimum you need.
Pray audacious prayers asking God to work in powerful ways, beyond what you can achieve yourself. Remember that God stands ready to answer in big ways. While it is fine to pray for small concerns, do not settle for small answers.
God has promised that all of His power will be available to you when you ask Him something through prayer. Pray for them to prosper in every area of their lives, mind, body and soul. Pray the blessing of Abraham upon their lives. (2John 1:2, Gal 3:14, Numbers 23:14)
Pray that your children may be surrounded by friends and people who have faith and live right. Pray that they don’t stray into unrighteous relationships and not be enticed by the world. (2Corin 6:14; Dan 1:1-9).

Be specific
Avoid praying broad, vague, safe prayers for your kids. Instead of praying prayers without a real point pinpoint your prayers to your specific desires for your children and root your prayers in the Bible, boldly claiming God’s promises for your children that relate to those desires.

Ask for greater faith
Pray for the faith you need to believe that God will truly answer the big, audacious prayers you dare to pray for your kids. The more faith you have, the more likely you will be to keep praying big prayers and see big results.

Focus on honouring God
Check your motives when you pray to make sure that you are seeking something big for God’s glory rather than your own self-promotion. Keep in mind that your prayers for your kids should never contradict biblical principles. Ask yourself: “Would Jesus pray for this?” Seek God’s vision for your children’s futures – not your own – and pray according to that vision of God’s purposes and plans for them.
Pray for them to know God and to have a personal relationship with Him. Pray that they may live according to His plan for their life.
Let them always know that Jesus is the ultimate savior, provider and protector. May He create in them a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within them. (Psalm 51:10; Rom 10:9-10)

Pray that they may be able to learn to listen to God whenever He speaks to them so that they may always be guided to fulfill their purpose on earth.
May they be deaf to other voices and find their strength in you. (Jeremiah 29:11 and John 10:5).


• Lay a strong foundation for your children’s lives through prayer. Pray that your children will: awaken to the reality of God, have a healthy fear of God, develop a godly character, love obedience, experience God’s favour, grow up knowing the Bible well, and recognise God’s voice, marry a godly person.
• Pray for their daily lives. Each day, pray that your children will: be protected spiritually, emotionally, and physically; and love learning.
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