Quarantine: No more pretty hairstyles, sleek beard

Before the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, everyone was free to move and do everything at ease. Men too would frequent the salons for their usual facial beauty routines.
Not necessarily make-up per se but to trim their hair, beard, or re-shaping in a bid to keep that handsome appearance.

However, with the social distancing measure that has become a necessity to help curb the contraction and transmission of the deadly virus, social gatherings such as weddings, services were banned. This did not leave out beauty parlours or salons that were also temporarily shut.

Unlike a few who can manage to trek certain distances for what they want, at the same time, many people cannot even dare to move out of the fences or houses in fear of being caught up by time.

The situation has however not been easy for most men, some are complaining of the itching beards, others are just uncomfortable with the new ‘monkey’ look. The rate at which the beard, as well as the hair, is growing is fast.

Franklin is a banker, always meticulous with his appearance and grooming.

Yet, he says that even when he still has to report to work daily, things are not the same, he executes his duties but with a lot of discomfort.

“I used to have a haircut every two weeks, the beard, every weekend because it grows fast,” he says.

Since the lockdown, he says his appearance has changed; “I am bushy and it’s hard managing without my barber.”

Franklin is hopeful that salons will reopen someday. However, as he waits for the reopening, the gentleman tries a DIY (do it yourself), he uses a manual Gillette and a cream though he does not achieve anything close to what a professional barber does.

William Mukasa, a secondary school teacher too says he has been visiting the salon every weekend. Now, since he can’t move beyond his home, he has chosen to keep the Covid-19 look, as many have resorted to calling the unkempt style.

“The fact is that I am not comfortable and not even sure when life will be normal again,” he says.

On the other hand, Mukasa is pleased his wife can appreciate the fact that he is interested in his looks and grooming. During these lockdown days, they have resorted to sharing products, for instance, she advised him to apply her hair oil both in hair and beard and later comb.

“I have come to release that it is also possible to have bushy beard as long as one takes good care of it. I might, in that case, come out of the quarantine with a different look,” he affirms.

While some women that had managed to stock all they would need during the time, most have embraced natural hairstyles. But at least, women can cover their heads, something men cannot do.

“It feels so weird, I had never thought I would be afraid of leaving my house like it is now. I can’t imagine how people will perceive me at first glance,” he says Eric.

Eric is an economist who never grows hair but trims his beards every weekend. Because he dislikes combing, keeping a bold head with a trimmed beard gives him comfort.

“Can you imagine? It is coming to three weeks since I went to the salon, my beard is itchy which is uncomfortable,” he says.

Although his wife had earlier suggested to help trim the beard in a bid to tame the growth, Eric declined saying he needs a touch of a professional.

Now that he cannot access any, he combs it and brushes the hair at all times. “Combing at least prevents me from having a scarily wild look,” he says.

It is a trying time which everyone has to deal with, however, if you can do a DIY at home, please go ahead but if it is hard, then be patient and continue washing your hair and beard as well as making use of the combs, this will give you a relatively fair look.