Restaurant review: Home of tasty delicacies

Sunday October 6 2019


By A. Kadumukasa Kironde II

News Café is a relatively new and a secluded eatery off the Kitante Road and forms part of the recently completed new swank Speke Apartments, which opened in June.
Last month on a late rainy Sunday afternoon that was approaching eventide, we made our way to News Café and by all accounts the food is something of which to write home about. The chef in situ is definitely not a local and by any stretch of the imagination he knows a thing or two about gourmet food.

We skipped the salad jar and could not resist the avocado lentil salad. Lentils are pulses that are commonly associated with vegetarian fare and they are a source of fibre, and while most people are familiar with the more known green variety, many don’t know that they actually come in many colours, including white and orange.
In this case they were the usual green served with onion, lemon, avocado, fresh oregano (and in my case I requested for crushed red pepper) and mayo served with tortillas. For the main course we ordered an extraordinary and elegant stuffed breast of chicken with mozzarella cheese.

Normally, this entrée is done with Provolone cheese; what is important is to ensure that one uses a quality cheese. The grilled steak proved to be an irresistible and worthwhile choice. Tender and well done and complimented with the perfect chips that turned out to be a perfect combination. French fries in Uganda are never consistent in their quality and I am inclined to think that these were McCain’s that are imported. Yes, they are pricey but unbeatable and I am only guessing.
As might be expected, the place being somewhat off the beaten track and having recently opened, they are not terribly busy. The menu is practical (continental) and wholly a la carte. Allow a good 15 minutes upon ordering which is a reasonable turnaround time. The food and service are both good with top notch hygiene.

If you go
The place: News Café
Rating: Worth a visit
Address: Speke Apartments, Kitante, Plot No 10/14, Kitante Close, Kampala
The menu: Typically, Continental offering breakfast with such delights as muesli, American pancakes and croissants, salad of your choice, pizza, grilled steak, chicken wings and check out their daily chef’s special.

The space: A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
The crowd: Mainly the in-house residents
The bar: Made to order juices that are on the money. Do check out their green juice with banana, mint, spinach, green apples, parsley and ginger. Naturally they also have wine, beer and soda.
The damage: The house breakfast is Shs25,000 while a pizza will set you back by Shs28,000 and a grilled fillet steak with pepper sauce is Shs 30,000.
Sound level: Good
Parking: Always available
If you go: Open for breakfast, lunch and supper every day