She broke up with me but returned to taunt me

Thursday December 14 2017


By Eugine Mugisha

What is it that happens to people after they break up? What is it that turns girls into ferocious creatures? I try to maintain a cordial relationship with my exs irrespective of how we separated. But this neighbourly spirit is not always returned.

There was this girl I dated, and according to me, we were doing well. Our only point of contention was my disposable income but even that I thought we were managing somehow. I was a student, a broke student, but we would make do with the little that I had.

Little as it was, it was enough for us to go out once in a while, such as once every three weeks. But this was not enough for her, and she badgered me endlessly. Then one day, we broke up. She simply told me things were not working out, and did not even want to hear what I had to say. She said it was best that we both try to move on and find other people, and she wished me well just before she left. What I did not know then was that she had already found someone else.

Three months later, I run into her at one of the places we used to go out to. I crossed over to say hello and when she saw me she started talking a lot of trash, rather loudly too.

She was with a man who had his arm wrapped protectively around her. I figured that was the replacement beau, the one who could afford to take her out to her heart’s desire. So I went back to my table without saying anything to her. She was already tipsy.

But she came looking for me, 20 minutes later and started harassing me. First she asked me what I was doing there yet I did not ever have money. I did not answer her. I could see she was now drunk. Then she started telling me how I tortured her, with my brokeness, making her eat fake food, taking her to fake places; that I could not even afford pizza. Well, it was the truth. But there were some men at the table next to mine who on hearing the word pizza, burst out laughing.

But I kept my peace. I did not engage her. But when she starting knocking over my beer, asking who had bought it for me, then I knew I had to put a stop to this.
Meanwhile, the people at the tables around mine were all attentively watching the drama. She likes drama, so she was getting energy from the attention.

Then she started on my dresscode; that the clothes I was wearing should not even be allowed in a place like that. Well, I was not exactly dressed for a wedding, but I was okay.
But seriously, what was the girl’s problem? It is not like I had dumped her or embarrassed her or anything. She had left me, not the other way round. The way she was attacking me, one would think I had been a violent, abusive ex-boyfriend.

Then one of the men from the table next to mine told her to shut up and walk away. By this time, no one was laughing. I think they too had felt that this was rubbing too close to the collective male dignity.

Whether I deserved it or not, this was no way to talk to anyone in public. When she refused, two men grabbed her by the arms and walked her out.

Her boyfriend had been watching the entire thing from a distance. Well, if he did not learn anything that night, he deserves whatever he will get when they break up.