She used to gossip a lot

Sunday March 15 2020

TWO OF KIND. A photo montage of Kato Keita

TWO OF KIND. A photo montage of Kato Keita Baligobye is a city lawyer, and his twin; Barbara Baligobye Wanjiru is a pastor, and street evangelist based in the USA. Courtesy Photos 

By Nicolas Akasula


How would you describe Barbara?
I struggle to find the right description but all I know is that she’s a God-fearing. And surprisingly she was Muslim before converting to Christianity.

What is your earliest memory of her?
They are like three fond memories. One she had too much lugambo (Gossip). She was a certified rumour monger; and mum’s official spy.
Whenever mum came back, she would rush to break the news of what everyone had been up to.

Were you always friends as children?
I think we were pursuing different things; although we went to the same school up to Primary Four.

Did you ever fight?
Of course, as siblings, fights are inevitable. For instance, we had our turns of doing chores and I had a bandana on my head as I was washing mum’s clothes. Because it kept falling back, she made a comment that I didn’t find funny. From nowhere I pounced on her.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done together?
I remember when we were in Primary Three at Bat Valley Primary School. Mum had always told us to wait for her at lunch time so she could take us home. We waited for about 10 – 15 minutes then decided to leave.
Since many of our friends were walking home, we also decided to walk. Mum reached school and we had left. She called home and we hadn’t arrived. She left a message with someone; ‘mubagambe baninde’ (tell them to wait for me).
We got home and got into bed at 4pm out of the fear. And when she came back, she dragged us out and you can guess what happened.


What nickname did/do you have for her?
Haha! Kapele. It stemmed from our late sister. I don’t know for what reason she used to call both of us that; but when we speak Barbara goes like; ‘Kapele… are you there?’ and I respond the same way.

What does she like the most?
She loves Jesus and her son very much. I’ve not met someone who loves those two like her. And that was not her while growing up.

What do you like about her?
She’s a very loving sister. She’s the kind of person who’ll make you feel like everything is okay; even when things are bad.
She’s also selfless. Even if she has to sacrifice, she will to ensure another person is happy.

What nags you about her?
I really look for it and fail to find one.


He is a God-fearing, loving and a down to earth brother. He’s also understanding, and patient.
Keita listens carefully before answering, and when he answers, you won’t regret having shared with him your issues with him. He loves so much that you will ask yourself if all brothers are like that towards their sisters. I’m so proud to be his sister.

What is your earliest memory of him?
He was always protecting me in primary school. He would go out of his way to see that am not bullied and always helped me out with my school work, especially mathematics.

Were you friends during your childhood?
We’ve always been best friends and been there for each other. One day we had a party at school, and we went home late. We found the house locked that not even our pleas to mother worked.
We slept outside on a mat and interestingly, he left the mat for me, so that I could use it as a blanket; while he folded himself in his jacket.

Did you ever fight?
One day we had a small argument which led to a fight I will never forget. I wanted to arrange the sitting room, and in the process put the cupboard in a different place. So we argued because he wanted it to stay in the same place. I got cross and started the fight. He beat me but later apologised.

What nickname did/do you have for him?
Haha! Ours are weird. We call each other… Kapele. Our late sister Victoria used to say; “gwe kapele” so it made us laugh hard whenever she used it. So we adopted it and use it to date.

What does he like the most?
Hanging out with friends, reading, playing his guitar, music, watching movies and travelling. He also loves making friends and he’s into football and tennis.

What do you like about him?
He is very kind, and always there for people whether they are family or not. Kieta will go out of his way to make others feel loved, cherished and cared for. Plus I like his go-getter attitude. All the success he attained has been a result of his humble spirit, hard work and respect. He knows the true meaning of never despising humble beginnings.

What nags you about him?
So far I don’t think I know anything about him that nags me.