Six virtues for your school-going child

Sunday February 09 2020

School opened last week and parents more than ever need to guide their children. COURTESY PHOTOS

First term is usually the period when most parents and school-going kids are in turmoil.
While parents may be struggling to get school fees and money for other school items, children may not be mentally ready to go back to school after the long holidays.

Amid all the overwhelming events, parents can easily forget the vital aspect of talking to their children before school begins.
Here are some of the virtues that will greatly impact your child’s school life.

Teach your children to love themselves and not to allow others define them. They should not be weighed down by things they cannot have.
Instead, show them that it’s possible to acquire whatever they want and it only requires a little more focus and determination.
This virtue should also extend to others in their classroom, such as sharing and caring for that student who is struggling.

Show them how to be confident towards their mates, teachers, staff and everyone around them.
Self-confidence is what will enable your child to stand and speak in front of their mates and teachers without fidgeting. It is through confidence that they will tackle exams without being scared or feigning sickness.
Emphasise on the value of this virtue.

Hard work
While parents hardly forget to mention this virtue, there are two sides of the coin.
Teach your child to work hard, but also remind them that failing in an exams doesn’t necessarily make them failures in life.
When their hard work doesn’t bear any fruit, teach them how to cope with failure and overcome negative feelings.

To what extent can yourchild be honest with themselves and others?
Can they stand up in a group of students cheating in an exam and say, ‘No, I won’t take part in this vice.’
You may not know what they are or are not capable of in school, but your guidance will determine who they become.


Without this virtue, it may be impossible to achieve anything. Teach your child to set goals and targets and develop a viable strategy for everything they want to achieve.
Commitments to strategies will show their level of self-discipline. Teach them how to stay motivated while still focusing on the goals.

Intelligent students are open-minded. They accommodate their fellows who may not always agree with them in every issue.
An open mind can easily learn a lot, not only in school, but also in the real world. Instil this virtue in them for a peaceful co-existence with everyone around them.

Essentially, while teachers have a role to instil discipline in students, most of the virtues should not be left out to be taught by them. Our values are not limited to a school or classroom.
The virtues become part of our daily life and help us become better people. This is why every parent should aim to teach their children to be better people in the society.