The faces behind Newz Beat

The News beat team.

What you need to know:

SEASON 2. Yesterday, Newz Beat, a weekly show which airs Saturdays and Sundays in Luganda and English launched its second season on NTV. So, who are they? Pauline Bangirana explores their personalities.

Follow the beat, follow the beat, follow the beat…” that’s the rhyme I have in mind but that is all I know about the newz beat crew. A group that started out with trials on internet in September last year, Newz Beat comprises four members; Lady Slyke, MC Loy, Survivor and DJ Nesta. Although these four are independent artistes. While on the show, they are a team, with each playing a vital part in the production of the show. Their maiden show was aired on February 15, this year on NTV.


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