Tickle your adventurous nerve in Ushaka Marine World

Sunday June 2 2019



In travel, there is nothing like too much of anything. Each time you visit a place, you are assured of a different experience, at least I can attest owing to my visit to Ushaka Marine World, in Durban, South Africa.
I was in South Africa’s beautiful, sunny city for the premium annual Africa’s Travel Indaba and my hosts, Fathima Adam and Madira Raphesu, of South African Tourism, were kind to take me around, one stop being at Ushaka, a place to feed the eye, and in my case my Nikon as well, to a variety of marine life.

It was my second visit to the 40-acre park, home to 10, 000 water animals, including penguins, dolphins, sharks, fish of so many kinds in the Ocean World section that you could be excused not to remember a tenth of the fish species because it is a big, big world with so much to see. I could have easily spent two hours walking through the Ocean World, unaware of the ticking time hand owing to variety on display through the tampered glass, from the outwardly peaceful turtles, fish that looks like grass and French beans, horrid sharks and more that will rouse your eye to the under and in water creatures.

Catchy place
Ushaka world is home to so much marine adventure and the Ocean World is one of many excursions inviting to the tourists.
Outside the Ocean World is more, catchy among many are the dolphins, the brilliant and agile lot who are worth each minute of your time as trainers get them to follow instructions of gliding through the water, somersaulting, jumping and more, for your entertainment.
Within the marine world, penguins have a home in which they slowly display their beauty, in colour and variety. When being fed, the baby trait in them comes alive as they surround their caretaker for a share of something to eat.

They are a bit noisy, another attribute that draws tourists to their corner. A few metres away are seals, who love a swim anytime. They are a clean lot and spend time to groom themselves, making for vivid Nikon moments. You will not forgive yourself for visiting Durban and missing out Ushaka Marine World.