We fought endlessly- Omara

Sunday November 3 2019

Daniel and Grace

Daniel and Grace 


How would you describe Grace?
Grace was once the physical embodiment of all my childhood fears. But now she is an incredible woman, friend, and confidant for whom I would move mountains. In brief: my lovely little sister.

What is your earliest memory of her?
I recall her as a three-day-old baby being brought home in a pink blanket. I had always wanted a younger sibling because my elder brother, Charlie at the time was the worst. I faked sickness and dodged school that day to welcome her home. Our father was preoccupied to notice it was a lie. After a whole day’s wait, she arrived at about 5pm. I was elated.

What nickname did you have for her?
None, but I had hoped they would call her Daniella. And, I took the time to pick an actual name- the commitment was real. We later named her BG, for Baby Grace. Or Big Girl, because she was a big baby and we loved every bit of her.

What is she most scared of?
Being our mother’s infamous countdown, which started and stopped at one (Wuaan in a heavy Lango accent) because no one ever wanted to find out what happened at three. But it is been a while since mom made threats. I do not know, maybe having an angry elder brother.

The craziest thing she did as a child?
In 1997, when Splash had just hit the market, I sent her to our mother to ask for it because no one ever said no to the last born. I insisted on the part where she had to say that she is the one who wanted it. When my mother agreed, Grace gave me a thumbs up and our mother immediately knew what was going on.
What is the craziest thing you did together?
I only remember the craziest things we have done to each other. We had a fight that lasted 14years, no joke. Every time we were within arm’s length of each other, something was bound to go wrong. This was sibling rivalry at a cosmic level; we fought over everything and nothing at the same time. Anything was a weapon: buckets, charcoal, siblings, parents, and flat irons. Household items were ruined in this conflict- which we had to lie our way out of. Looking back, I think my movie career started here.

Were you always friends?
We were hardly ever friends. We had ekimeeza sessions during load shedding as a family just to resolve this age-old conflict. I am turning 32, she is seven years my junior, so we have been friends for only about 15years. But we are best friends now.


How often did you fight?
Daily, from the day she started composing full sentences until I was about 16. I thank her for my patience and creativity though; because you have to come up with newer and better ways to defeat a recurring daily opponent at a physical, emotional, and psychological level. You do not understand what I mean when I say we fought. She threw the bucket that gave me the scar between my eyes.
Did you ever team up to fight someone?
I have teamed up with Grace to face the world when we needed each other.

How often do you meet these days?
Not often, but I have her and my family at heart always. I’m always there when I am needed. She knows I have got her back, and vice versa.


How would you describe Daniel?
Daniel is very kind, intelligence, and respectful. He is like the gold-standard gentleman.
He is strong-willed and a go-getter. He would do anything for us and, of course, he is funny and naughty.

What is your earliest memory of him?
They bought me Ribena, being last born, I think Daniel used to help himself to most of it. So when it would get finished, he would send me to tell my parents to buy more. I would tell them in reported speech and my dad laughed at it.

What nickname did you have for him?
Gilingstone. It originated from Flintstones, the sitcom we watched as children.

What is he most scared of?
Disappointing our mother, losing her trust or doing anything that makes her unhappy. He loves all of us but with mom, they share this bond that is special to him.

What is the craziest thing he did as a child?
He climbed our two-storeyed house because of that day’s curfew. I think he wanted everybody to think he had been around.
I was in our parents’ room and I saw someone walking on the girders. I mistook him for a thief. Before I screamed for help, the “thief” jumped and held his finger against his lips then he made me swear to never ever tell anyone.

What is the craziest thing you did together?
When I got pregnant in my final year at university, he drove me for most of my antenatal visits and kept me company.
The first time, the medics thought he was the father of my child. It was hilarious and we just played along.

Were you always friends?
I cannot remember if we were best friends.

How often did you fight?
That is not the question you should be asking. Try how often did we not fight? We were always at each other’s throat and he strangled me more times than I can count.
We fought all the time.
There was always a show down before, after, even during meals for my parents to deal with.

The most outstanding was...
One time we fought so much and my father gave us both wires of an old extension cable and told us to beat each other as much as we wanted to until we would both get enough of beating each other up.
So I whipped Daniel first, then he whipped me next. The successive time I cracked and cried then my father told us to stop and Daniel started complaining.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
No, we have teamed to take on the world.

How often do you meet?
We do not see each other as much as we would love to. I am usually working upcountry and he is always busy.

So maybe once in two months. But we call each other and I pray for him.

Who is Daniel Omara?
Daniel is a stand-up comedian, actor and TV host. He came to fame after playing the character Odoch in The Hostel series.

He attended Shimoni Dem. School, Greenhill Academy, and St Lawrence College.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Education in English and Literature from Uganda Christian University, Mukono.