What we missed on Eid

Sunday May 24 2020

Muslims during prayers in Kansanga mosque last

Muslims during prayers in Kansanga mosque last year. Photo by Rachel Mabala 


LOCKDOWN EFFECT. Eid al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. Eid is normally celebrated with mass Eid prayers big feasts and family gatherings.

However, with the lockdown such aspects of the celebrations have not been possible. PHIONAH NASSANGA sounds out the faithful about what they miss about Eid.

Jauhara Nakiryowa, Businesswoman
I always look forward to the eve of Eid with excitement because we go to our parents’ home in Kawempe on the eve of Eid. We make a budget and do the chores which brings togetherness. On Eid, we attend prayers at Old Kampala Mosque and later have a joint meal with some invited guests at home. It is a joy that Ramadan has come to an end with each one of us in good health.

Masitula Nakanwagi, businesswoman
My family and I have successfully ended the month of Ramadan, but not on a high note because of the lockdown. This year, at some point I thought by Eid, the lockdown would have been eased for us to celebrate. At home we are about 18, my husband and I draft the day’s budget and make a guest list and people to reach out to. We always spend about Shs500, 000 but, the lockdown is equivalent to no business, and no money. All we had was Shs150, 000 and it was hard to explain to the children why we had not bought them new hijabs. Apart from holding family prayers and knowing that Ramadan has come to end nothing was exciting.

Najib Lubulwa, Graphics designer
Just like the Christians looking forward to Easter and Christmas, Eid is a big day. I always prepare and look forward to the end of Ramadan. However, it is sad that this year, such has not been possible. The vibe has been low because it is always more than 30 of us and it is fun to break the fast together with the different people. We were home alone, with a smaller menu and I also missed out on the Eid khutbah (the sermon).

Samura Hanifah, Journalist
Usually, my family and I go to the mosque dressed in our finest hijab. After we catch up with friends we have not met in a long time, then enjoy lunch at my parents’ home plus a big family party. This year everything is different; it is acceptable to have prayers at home although it is more rewarding to pray with brethren. I missed hearing the calls to prayer throughout the city and the vibe that reaffirms one in their faith.


Abdurahman Kaddu, teacher
We missed attending prayers in the mosque during Ramadan and worse still on Eid. At times we have no control over situations but we thank Allah for them. Much as I did not join the rest for prayers, my family and I prayed from the family mosque. Other than knowing that Ramadan had come to an end, I missed the sermon of our Imam and message to take us through the months subsequent to Ramadan. Sharing the Ramadan experiences with fellow Muslims has not been possible. In Islam, we believe that whenever we come together and face to face, Allah rewards us. However, we thank Allah that we had food.

Nashif Ssebayizzi, businessman
It is custom for me to wake up early and get myself ready for the Eid prayers. At the mosque I wish everyone ‘Eid Mubarak!’ and after prayers we catch up before returning home. My wife remains home preparing food for the rest of the family and our invited guests. However, this time we had prayers at home and paid Zakat on time. For once, I have taken part in the kitchen preparations. Despite the fact that we have not had a massive celebration, Ramadan and Eid indoors created a strong bond between my family and I.