BY THE WAY: Why you should litter

Sunday March 2 2014

We do litter quite a bit in this country. I can say this without fear of being lynched because I know the potential ‘lyncher’ would need to step-over bits of litter to get to me. Let’s, you and I, explore why you should litter.

The ground needs it. That kaveera, that banana peel, that chewed-on sugarcane, that wrapper to your chewing gum, that slip of paper, the ground right there next to you needs it. Thing is the ground can’t talk and only strange people lie down with their ear to the ground and try to listen for its voice. I know the ground needs your litter from simple observations.

For one, it looks a lot better with it there. Secondly, you’ll be facilitating a reunion.
One point in time, that litter was part of the ground. The banana peel was once part of a plant which a long time ago came from the ground. The paper was once a plant which too once came from the ground. By you littering, you are in essence going out of your way to reunite a family. The ground needs its children. Do the right thing, reunite them.

KCCA spends millions of shillings of your money on men and women to go and pick up litter every day. It buys them brightly-coloured attire, draws up rotas assigning where they will pick up your litter from and then at the end of all this, pays them.

Without you lovingly dropping something on the ground somewhere, an empty mineral water bottle, a receipt from the supermarket, the kaveera in which they wrapped your muchomo, that man and woman wouldn’t have a job. Their children wouldn’t go to school. Do the right thing, drop everything on the ground right next to you-a very big part of our workforce depends on you.

Litter doesn’t look good in bins. They get full and smelly so fast. You have all held your nose and looked the other way while walking past one so you know exactly what I mean. If, however, we all, like you, spread that litter around; drop some while our taxi labours to its destination, let go of some while our boda boda dances through traffic, relieve ourselves of even more while we walk around town, there would be no full, smelly bins. Do the right thing, litter now. The last reason you should litter, and this comes straight from scientists, is because you are dumb.