Won’t social media be the end of every relationship?

Thursday December 14 2017


By Christine Nakalungi

With all this social media fuss, relationships are at a greater risk than the world has ever seen. Mistresses are using these platforms to announce their victory in breaking families and others use it to stalk their former lovers.

Staying away from social media might not be the perfect solution but how do you protect your relationship, marriage and children from the hazards caused by this devouring spirit?

Having a few likes and comments every time you post something about your personal life might be tempting but stand warned, not every follower is up to the same good. Some people are actually using your posts to ruin you. You might not believe it but it does happen to some people.

Can you believe people spend time going through your photographs on your social media pages and put them up for discussion? I never imagined how harmful that can be until one member shared photos of her wedding in one of my WhatsApp groups. Most people were admiring the bride’s beautiful gown and smile until the groom’s baby mama started spitting fire.

As we were still trying to figure out what was going on, the mistress got onboard and eventually we left the platform for the three women.

Oh boy, they called each other ugly names and had social media been a physical platform, we would have called police because the three were about to pull each other’s hair off the scalp.

This was not the first time such a thing was happening. One day, a Facebook friend posted about vacation with her ‘boyfriend’. They had spent it at Bwindi National Park and the first comment was of someone who tagged the supposedly official girlfriend. Hell broke loose.

Before we knew it, numerous people were attacking the girl for stealing someone else’s boyfriend. I thought this was pathetic but no, it was real. Sharing stuff about your relationship to an entire world might loosen up unexpected ties. It might drive you crazy with jealousy, heartbreak and much worse divorce for the marrieds.

Showing off your spouse to the world might be a great idea but do you really need to prove any point?
The world out there is so wicked that they can hurt you without even knowing you personally. Not everyone is happy when you are happy. All some people want to see is your smile turned into tears. Do not satisfy their desires by sharing too much.