The world as a country, and we are its citizens

Sunday December 31 2017

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi 

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

For someone who has already lived between three continents, I have a very close relationship with cargo containers. We have packed and unpacked in Asia, Europe and Africa, with each container having its own story. However, I only know one part of the story, the packing part. The rest of the journey is quite challenging, with all sorts of tests and trials that await a container that is transported on roads, railways and ships.
One of first things one is asked to do before the freight is shipped, is to have a good insurance on the items that are transported, even more if one has packed valuable personal items. However, there is no insurance that can make up for the loss of valuable items such as one’s albums, antique furniture and other personal belongings.

I was watching a program about the journey of some of these containers, thousands of them per year, from one ocean to the next and between continents. A few of these containers do fall in the sea. This may be due to storms or overloading, whatever the case, you hope that it’s not yours that is falling in the deep sea! One interesting case was when a container full of toys fell in the ocean, it eventually opened, and hundreds of toys sunk in the deep sea. But then, among the toys were some yellow rubber ducks that float in the bathtub, tens of these ducks floated for as long as possible, it was mentioned that one of the ducks even made it to the north pole, while one was found 15 years later near the shores of Scotland!

What a journey these ducks have made, and if one of them had a camera installed on its forehead, I am sure we would have seen the recording of so many great moments and probably some sad ones, while they were being thrown from one ocean to the other, 15 years for one plastic duck to survive the harsh conditions of our planet earth, is not to be taken lightly.

It is always towards the end of the year that one starts reflecting not only on the year that has gone but the many before. After hearing the story of the ducks, I also reflected on my journey between three continents. Some destinations I picked, others were part of my destiny, whatever the case, I have tried to make the best out of every year I lived, in the process I made my new home, a home away from home, to the degree, that it became a true home. After all, the world is but one country, and we are all its citizens! Happy 2018!