I’m a fan of bespoke designs-Douglas

Monday February 19 2018

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

What style defines you?

I’m a fan of a casual smart. I occasionally wear suits. By the way, fashion influenced my university course choice [Mass Communication] because journalists, radio and TV hosts tend to dress casually for work unlike other professions such as Law.

Why casual smart?
It is the most affordable look you can pull off. But, I have been in entertainment for long and this profession does not require a straight jacket look. You have to be casual but neat and smart.
Despite the fact that you are not a fan of suits, how many do you own?
They could be four. I have them for those days when my formal side has to come out.

When could that be?
When I host corporate events and weddings.

How much did you spend on each of those suits?

Averagely, between Shs1m and Shs2m. This depended on the fabric and design.

Do you buy them or someone tailors them for you?

I’m a big fan of custom made designs, I use Chuck Brian Salvator who tailors them according to my sense of style and size. A suit looks good if it fits well, which might be difficult if you just buy one off the streets.

Besides the four suits, what other clothes are in your wardrobe?
T-shirts, jeans of all colours, jackets, sweaters and a few shirts.

Sneakers and casual shoes, what do you prefer?

Casual shoes because they are easy to maintain and they give you a less serious look and you still look smart. Sneakers are dominantly worn by sports personalities.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
A suit I bought at Shs2m. I loved the colour and quality but the design was also unique.

Where did you buy it from?
From Abryanz Collection at Garden City.

And the cheapest?
A T-shirt I bought from a friend’s stall downtown. Mark you, it is almost impossible to find a Shs20,000 T-shirt is a hustle especially where I shop from.

And where do you do your shopping from?
It is either at Yuppy’s Clothing, Freedom City and Ham Shopping Complex or from Abryanz at Garden City.

Do they sometimes give you clothes free of charge? Yes, because I’m both a brand ambassador and a client. It means I have a discount on whatever I shop. I sometimes take back some clothes I do not like.

What do you consider while shopping for clothes?

The fitting, colour and price. If these play out right I take the item.

How often do you go shopping?
I run a daily TV show, so I have to buy clothes on a weekly basis.

How much do you spend a month?
I spend about Shs600, 000.

What do you wear at the weekend?
Since I’m always at home, you will get me in shorts and vests. If I have to go away from home. I go for jeans, open shoes and a vest.
What fashion piece can’t you do without?
Without a watch I would feel incomplete.