I used to eat everybody’s meat - Karole Kasita

Sunday August 2 2020

Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita 

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

When did you start singing?
I joined S&S Band in 2015 but went solo in 2018.
What type of artist did you want to be and why?
I have always wanted to be a great live band artiste but changed course. With live band, the only investment you need is your voice and other band members.
Why did you go solo?
Because I was grown and ready to chase big and different dreams.
Are you in a relationship?
I’m not the type that discusses their relationship with the public. I keep it to myself and focus on music.
Earliest childhood memory…
I used to eat everybody’s meat. This happened throughout my childhood until I could ask no more.
What was your first job?
I was a waitress at a restaurant at Fuelex petrol station Kawempe in my Senior Six vacation.
Your first salary was…?
Shs150,000 per month.
Who was your first best friend?
Trisha Nassali who now lives in Dubai.
What is your most memorable experience?
The first time I went on stage and the crowd was singing my song Gyal a bubble at the Buzz leavers’ rock in December 2018 .
Your regret so far …?
I don’t regret anything, my life has been a series of mistakes that turn out lessons and I’m glad I move forward.
What was your most embarrassing moment?
When I used to lie to my friends at school that we have a fridge in our washrooms! [Editor’s note: Already bad enough] . One of my friends visited and I got busted.
Best advice you have received?
Whenever I face a challenge, my mother says that what matters is that you have your life and, you still have a chance to change everything.
What would you have been if you were not a musician?
An artist.

What plans did you have for 2020?
I had big plans but Covid-19 messed me up. But, I am still hopeful.
First book you read and what was it about?
I do not remember it.
First thing you do before you get on stage?
Sometimes I pray but besides that, I chew gum to beat the nerves because I have stage fright.
First crush?
I can’t say.
Okay, give us a hint...
I was in Senior One while he was in senior Two and he is now a deejay.
What is the best part of your work?
Getting paid to do something that I love. It is a blessing.
And the worst?
Always worrying about delivering.
What is your favourite food?
Rice and chicken.

Because it is easy to prepare.
What music are you listening to now?
My latest song Balance to check on its progress.

Tit bits ..
First kiss...

I pass that one.
Myhobbies are…
Singing, dancing, watching films and sleeping.
One word to fellow artistes ...
Never give up. Don’t get stranded because your strength is your art.