I want to be the best song writer

Monday February 12 2018

want be best song writer Jimmy Kivumbi

Jimmy Kivumbi wants to be the best song writer in Uganda. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Stanley D. Mukooza

Jimmy kivumbi is a song and movie script writer. The 28-year-old has written songs for bands and scripts for the famous Ugandan movies. He hopes to become one of the best song writers in Uganda.

What is life as a song and movie script writer?
Life is normal behind the scenes.There is nothing much that people celebrate about us but they celebrate our work.

When did you join the trade?
I started in 2009 after trying to discover myself and had to supplement my income because I was a barber.

What do you consider before writing a song for a client?
Music writing is tricky. First of all, I look at the kind of music the client wants. I’m passionate about love music and for the band genre so the client has to be in that kind of line.

How did you discover your talent?
I loved music from chilhood and my inspiration comes from the legendary Herman Basudde. He had good lyrics though the trendy guys take it for local music. And then I volunteered to write for people. For film it is all about storytelling and I’m good at that.

How many songs have you written?
I have written so many but as beginners we write for up-and-coming artistes but my break through was when I wrote Choice Yange by Geoffrey Lutaaya which was his album title and headline song.

Who is your target audience?
I sell my music to mainly artistes in the band genre and those that like singing about love. I also want to try RnB.

I remember you saying you sell music cheaply, why is it so?
It is the most challenging part but this is partly because the people I write for are upcoming so they cannot afford higher rates and for those that have had a breakthrough they feel privileged to sing the music I have written so they end up paying that little money.

How do you feel when you write a song and it hits or it doesn’t?
Like any other business you cannot know unless all is done.When the song becomes a hit, I feel good and if it does not then I look for my weak points and try to improve them.

Tell us about your best and worst moment?

My best moment, when I wrote a song for Geoffrey Lutaaya and it became his hit and my worst was when I offered to write a song for a prominent artiste and he turned me down the offer because I was not popular.

What are the challenges?
Low pay and the struggle to rise through the ranks. Also, the urge or the struggle to always have a pen and a song in the pipeline.
Where do you want to be in the next few years?

I want to be one of the best song writers. I will also try a singing career.