Why UPDF General should replace Kasekende at BoU

Sunday January 26 2020

Louis Kasekende has cleared out of Bank of Uganda.
The economist, according to social media, spent the better part of the festive season trying to talk to people who called shots here and there to have his contract renewed but the Leo was too busy cutting weight and thinking of trekking and anti-corruption walks to care.
As at January 14, the contract was broken. And the access card denied him further access into the Central Bank premises. He had to leave. But leave, he has done. Gracefully. Like we all should, anyway.

And now there are many economists rolling their eyes and dreaming of the chance to replace Kasekende as deputy governor.
These are men and women with CVs like that of the other Mbale chap who has more PhDs than Calvin Klein boxers in his wardrobe.
However, this government does not operate like that. In our manual, a medical doctor holding the Health ministry docket is not so classy. Didn’t the new ICT minister just learn about Twitter after her appointment?

Leo once wondered what MBs mean. I’m not sure the minister knows. She probably thinks it means Manhandle Besigye or something closer to that. But she is ICT minister.

And this is why I am proposing Gen Ivan Koreta as the ideal replacement for Kasekende.
Now, some of you who think you know more about what it takes to engage fiscal policies than Besigye has been arrested since 2001 will throw all sorts of stones, but first calm down and listen.

Why shouldn’t a UPDF General be deployed at BoU, just like it has been happening everywhere from rearing pigs for Naads to guarding the white toilet van?
Well, some of you people defended the fellow who could not tell physical from fiscal last time by indicating that running the country is not about knowing fiscal policy, so don’t come sticking your tongue out like a feline recuperating after a wild chase.
The key is patriotism. Once you are patriotic, you can do anything. Besides, Koreta is an OB of the mighty Kiira College Butiki.
By my personal estimation, that is a school outside my home here in Jinja. And he has Master of Science in Strategic Studies from University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

What more do you want?
There are funny soldiers deployed in Uganda police. Then on lakes, in schools and even at Parliament where they keep reminding MPs that the UPDF will not hesitate to take over the Legislature. Why not BoU?


The thing is, UPDF wants Shs16b to manage security during elections. Some MPs will try to frustrate that.
They will say the EC is supposed to provide that security working with police that some think is already being run by UPDF. But that is all milk teeth talk.

And if they continue, deploying Koreta to BoU will send a strong message that if MPs don’t approve the funding, the UPDF can simply drive into the Central Bank and drive out in the bullion vans, which for obvious reasons are army green in colour and are always under protection of military men.


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