Is the State now killing your children?

Monday March 5 2018

nrm secretariat

Where was Odoi when the SG stood above the rest by making a bold prophecy that has been passing with such scary effect? A true leader doesn’t go around calling others names.  

By Jacobs Odongo Seaman

Tanga Odoi’s arrogance can shoot the moon and the sun at the same time even when there is no eclipse. We are saying this using the mind of someone he recently called names. The venerable secretary general (SG) of our dear immortal NRM party, had her reputation sullied by Odoi’s tongue when the latter branded her some sort of a queen dancer in the Tubonga Nawe production.

I don’t know how racy lacy Lumumba would make it during Tubonga Nawe video shoot… in fact, I don’t even want to imagine Lumumba going racy lacy and, if I had my way like kidnappers are enjoying freedom of criminality in this country, I would have Odoi hanged upside down for insulting SG Lumumba.

Where was Odoi when the SG stood above the rest by making a bold prophecy that has been passing with such scary effect? A true leader doesn’t go around calling others names. Even the Leo stopped calling Abdu Katuntu a poisonous mushroom and bean weevil after realising that he had to deliver on his promise to drag this country by the ears down the miserable income economy.

If Odoi was worth his clout, he should have been feting SG Lumumba as a prophetess serving a regime that was sent by God to make Ugandans submissive to the bone marrow. Yes, while some sycophants go around announcing that Museveni was sent by God and will rule until God decides so (which is pretty obvious, of course), SG Lumumba received the biggest revelation that even Prophet Bushiri from Malawi and this other Mbonye from Kampala would never have imagined in their weirdest moments.

From February 19 until some weeks later, Ugandans looked like they were the most miserable urchins coming out of some crevices to just feel sunlight and return into hiding. Why? Because they felt the premonition.
And now, with some omissions or commission, or both, the State is busy fulfilling the prophecy that Lumumba blessed this nation with. Several Ugandans have turned into figures on the prophetic words of SG Lumumba with the help of State failure to guarantee their security and those of the properties. Forget the recent Susan Magara, or even Entebbe women murders and others, just look around you.

But if you thought gangs and Entebbe women’s murders alone make this prophecy real, then you need to pay Prophetess Justin Lumumba a visit. But if you are too proud to go and bow before the prophetess, then look at the Constitution. There are rumours that it is lifeless after some the aggravated rape in December, although we shall treat the rumours as pit-latrine stuff until Lumumba herself says otherwise.

The other day my neighbour stormed my home asking me to help her child with homework. They wanted present continuous tenses and verbs in sentences. For a Primary One child. And then another was talking about concepts of society. You know what, I invoked the services of Mr Google, but it was obscure. I fled. To bet. It was better to lose money to some Indian investor’s odds than betting my brain in helping P1 children with homework.

The State has killed it. Education is no longer the real thing. There is no Mr Juma Saidi or Ichuli for these children in class. They are drilled with funny things that will only help them be paupers willing to sell their souls for a T-shirt and a plate of hurriedly cooked meat at a political rally.
By the way, did Prophetess Lumumba’s car survive that terrible incident on Entebbe Road last year when some woman rammed into the poor vehicle, leaving it lifeless and having to be towed for emergency care?
Don’t ask me about the victim; I have run out of space.