Rwomushana now blames Bobi Wine for US-Iran tensions

Sunday January 12 2020


By Jacobs Seaman Odongo

US president Donald Trump would not have ordered a drone strike on Iran’s most powerful military officer, Gen Qasem Soleimani, if not for “misleading tweet” by Bobi Wine and his foreign handlers and backers, Charles Rwomushana has said.
In a long post on his Facebook page on Tuesday, January 14, the social media rabble rouser and political pokopoko stoked the fury of People Power (PP) fanatics with the claims that Trump’s decision to order the strike came shortly after he watched a brief video clip tweeted by Bobi Wine and retweeted by his lawyer Robert Amsterdam.
“He [Bobi Wine] recorded some incoherent audiovisual claims and tweeted and then, as expected, this other man who carries the weight of a whole Scandinavian city for a name retweeted it and when the Real Donald Trump watched the brief clip, he believed what he had interpreted from the message and simply ordered the strike,” Rwomushana said in the post that has since been pulled down.

He ended the post with a hash tag, #AlNakba.
Empty Tin is yet to establish whether the said Al Nakba is a person or some coded message Rwomushana thinks the Iranians were using to convey their message of attacking US interests and citizens as Trump later claimed.
In the brief video clip, also shared by Rwomushana on his Al Nakba post, Bobi Wine is heard saying “Us the people solemnly swear to decimate and remove your oily thirst in 2021.”

Many Facebook users were stunned by Rwomushana’s claims. They threw the kitchen sink at him and cursed like a hen whose chicks have just been plucked off by a kite.
“You’re useless like a house without a door,” one said.
“You’re trying too hard, you now sound like a cockcrow in an era of smartphones and cheap watches,” added another.
“If you think that will impress and knock Full Figure off her XXL bra, it’s still not enough. Go lower, mate,” added another with angry emoji faces.
But the rabble rouser would not be beaten to his own game. Ignoring all the missiles from harmless drones flying over his provocative Facebook post that was made as if it was in Baghdad airport, Rwomushana went on to explain how “Us the people solemnly swear to decimate and remove your oily thirst in 2021” could have got Trump into taking one of the most dangerous actions by a US leader in modern history.

The problem, he explained, came from pronunciation of some key words as well as misuse of the pronoun “us” where “we” should have been.
He said: “Trump heard it as ‘US people, Solemani swears to decimate and remove you from the oil fields [in Iraq and Iran]’ and this stoked his fury. He asked who the Solemani threatening US interests in Iran and Iraq was and his advisors pointed to Iranian military general.”
To make matters worse, Amsterdam retweeted the tweet with the quote: “US and the rest of democracies should take note” just as Trump was watching the clip. After finding out that Amsterdam was a Mzungu, he believed everything.
It wasn’t only insults raining on Rwomushana as some users who have no kind words for Bobi Wine jumped to his support.
One Duncan posted a picture of himself in a bar with the caption “we are eating life as we wait to defeat them again in 2021” while Bebe Cool simply said “Thank you President Museveni for the support.”
Kusasira said the world should see that Bobi Wine is a fraud misleading people into senseless wars in Middle East while Full Figure warned that Itongwa, Lakwena and Kony would regroup on Lake Victoria if Bobi Wine won in 2021.
But PP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said Rwomushana’s claims should be treated with the contempt it deserves.
“Rwomushana would fail a lie detector test even if the machine was switched off during the test,” Ssenyonyi said.
Meanwhile, the Empty Tin has put a $80m bounty on the head of its runaway chief writer who has been making up such fake news.