Stop whining over just 10k salary deductions

Sunday May 24 2020

Outrage. After public outrage over the

Outrage. After public outrage over the Shs10,000 contribution to the Covid-19 taskforce, fund chairperson Emanuel Katongole said it was voluntary. 

By Jacobs Seaman Odongo

Given a choice to choose between listening to Museveni slurping tea loudly and understanding Ugandans, I would gladly offer a loudspeaker to enjoy the tea ritual.

Can you imagine it was only yesterday that Ugandans turned on Sheilah Gashumba for saying ungodly things about 50k pay for TV presenters but now the same lot are lifting their skirts and flexing muscles over a mere 10k?

Just shillingi elfu kumu and people are so angry you would think they eat rare python fangs and chameleon tails for breakfast. This is very little money, especially for a people locked down and doing next to nothing while still earning a lot daily. We should be urging our employers to deduct twice a month because the government knows we’re making good money under lockdown.

For starters, we’re only safe from coronavirus because of our leaders working tirelessly to ensure so. Have you guys imagined what we would be like without the sacrifice of our leaders? Do you know what would happen if Dr Jane Ruth Aceng was unable to perform her duties? Have you imagined what life would be like without Museveni?

It’s a fact that most of us don’t know what it is like without Museveni. We’re cowards, we don’t like taking risks except in sports betting. So we have lived only knowing the son of Kaguta.

The other day MPs inducted him on a coronavirus hall of fame, becoming the first leader in the world to be feted for showing your lot how to exercise and also eat 6kg of posho that you only hear about or see on TV, for 90 days.


Do you still think such a leader doesn’t deserve 10k donations? No need to answer. Just know that Dr Aceng and her team on the frontline fighting the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 need to be stress-free and in perfect health to shoulder our burden without losing focus.

At Plot 1 in Nakasero, that spotted animal needs to be in perfect health to lift his tea cup during national address and slurp it in a way that makes the watching hungry hungrier – and stay tuned.

What of the gallant legislators who have been risking their lives at a time the lot of you are hiding under your beds in the name of lockdown? Fact is you all hide. The Covid-19 stat is proof.

Only truck drivers are getting infected because they are out there, but your lot under the beds and watching Linda Ddane smile-smile on TV are safe.

And what do locked down workers who are not spending on transport, restaurant food, bars and lodges need every penny for? Let’s be real here. Donate that idle money. You aren’t even paying fees, thanks to the visionary leadership of the man with a hurt.

MPs have been spending all their time battling from a much exposed parliament at a time when airports are closed and they cannot travel to Germany and India for treatment or Miami and Hawaii for stress relief.

They are holed up in that colonial structure with dysfunctional ACs thinking for the nation and do you know all they get in appreciation of the risks? Shs20m here and Shs40m there.

Peanuts that can’t even heal the ulcers they get from toiling so hard for the lot of you.
We need to stop behaving like those guys across the south-western borders. I hear down there, the few public officials Uncle Paul has have forfeited their salaries to give to the masses.
What a joke! Paul is not teaching them manners.

Anyway, stop whining about a mere 10k. How will the lockdown end if the man doesn’t hit his target? Let’s be happy he hasn’t asked for our kidney. And I hope I’m not giving him an idea. Kidneys are very expensive on the body organ market.