Clubs poised for second round surge

Saturday February 22 2020

Barrels Warriors’ Hudson Mugerwa (L) and

Barrels Warriors’ Hudson Mugerwa (L) and Heathens’ Junior Nyango (R) at it in the first round. Second round resumes today. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO 


It’s that time of the Nile Special Stout Premiership when sides get to mend what went wrong in the first half of the season. The next nine games are vital for each side as the outcome dictates where they finish when the season ends in April.

The most significant and intriguing part of this round will be how Hima Heathens and Betway Kobs, the two title contenders, operate towards the finish line. Its advantage Heathens so far, they could have stretched their four point gap to nine by the time Kobs kick off against Rhinos, depending on their Friday night result against Toyota Buffaloes.

The pressure is definitely on Kobs, they have to keep winning and pray Heathens somehow slip or else deal with them when they meet in early April. “It’s all up to us, we have to play our part which to keep those points coming and the rest can work itself out,” Kobs caretaker coach Davis Kyewalabye told SCORE.

Heathens have been the best team so far and a quick look at the table standings reaffirms the notion. Good defence and effective offense are attributes of title winning sides, which Heathens has showcased during the first half of the campaign.

Vice-captain Charles Uhuru has insisted throughout the first round that the good results came from hardwork and discipline as they plan to stick to the same script.
Pirates and Mongers are primed to fight for that third place with chances of unsettling the top two unlikely.

Earlier in the campaign, Pirates coach Bobby Musinguzi conceded they were out of the title race and that only divine intervention could get them a second league title but he still looks forward to the next nine games.
At the wrong end of the table, the league could be in for one of the best relegation battles including three sides in Rams, Impis and Rhinos.


The bottom three are separated by seven points and they all have to face each other, promising a catchy climax.

Kobs vs. Rhinos 4:30pm Legends
Warriors vs. Pirates 2:30pm Legends
Hippos vs. Impis 4:30pm Damwaters
Rams vs. Mongers 4:30pm (TBC)