Former sparring partner Kikenwa daring ‘No Joking Subject’ Golola

Saturday December 23 2017

Golola Moses

Golola Moses 

By Denis Bbosa


No local-based kickboxer has managed to overcome eccentric fighter Moses Golola in the last six years.
They have come in all shapes and sizes; Titus Tugume, Ronald Mugula name them, but they have all discovered the man is not a ‘joking subject’. The latest in the line is former training partner Abu Kikenwa who after winning the national heavyweight kickboxing title thinks he can dare Golola to grab the bragging rights.
“I have always wanted to prove to Golola that he is just talkative but not a real fighter. In my training with him, he used to tell me not to hit him hard but I have no option on the fight day but to make him cry. “He won’t survive the third round,” Kikenwa vowed. He has lost once in 16 pro fights with 15 KOs. Golola, never short on comical utterances, warned Kikenwa to get a hiding place when the ‘only lion in Ugandan kickboxing roars’
“I have beaten many fighters I have even trained with because they stay on the same level when I move up. I will thump stunted Kikonwa (he meant Kikenwa) inside five rounds to show my fans that I’m still king.”