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Teso College, Ngora High School lead in Teso sub-region

Wednesday February 9 2011

By Richard Otim


Teso giants, Teso College Aloet and Ngora High School have maintained the lead in last year’s Uganda Certificate of Education results in Teso with 78 and 50 students respectively, in First Division.

The two schools had their best students scoring Aggregate 9, maintaining their dominance in education excellence in the sub-region. “We attribute the excellent performance to discipline, hard work and time consciousness by the students,” Mr Michael Okipi, Ngora High School deputy head teacher, said. He said the school had greatly improved in performance by over 50 per cent, an achievement he attributes to good relationship with parents. The school, in the 2009 UCE exams had 21 students getting first grade.

Meanwhile, the head of examinations at Teso College Aloet, Mr Cassian Ochieng, said results were not as exciting as they had expected. “Teso College has always been at the lead. The results were good and we are glad that the team has been able to maintain the position in Teso,” Mr Ochieng said. The school had 65 students in first grade in the 2009 O-Level exams.