Kisubi Brothers University says it is ready to mature

Monday October 22 2012

The Kisubi Brothers University College campus.

The Kisubi Brothers University College campus.  


Eight years after the Kisubi Brothers University was established as an affiliate of the Nkozi based Ugandan Martyrs Christian University; it feels it is ready to be granted full autonomy.

Speaking to Education the University’s Academic Registrar Dr Benard Luwerekera said that the university has gained capacity to stand on its own. “We started as an affiliate of Uganda Martyrs University but we are looking forward to starting to operate on our own because we are continuing to develop programs that cater for the needs of the community starting with next academic year to enhance the human resource capacity,” Dr Luwerekera says. He adds that, “We have also transformed in the field of physical and academic infrastructure and I think we can easily stand by ourselves.”

Started in 2004 with only 30 students offering the Bachelors of Arts in Education, the University has expanded to over 800 students in five bachelor’s degree, two Masters Courses and one diploma course.

The courses include bachelor’s degree courses in in Business administration and Management, Information, Communication and Technology, Counseling and Phycology, Arts with Education, Sciences with Education. The Masters courses include Masters of Science with Education with is run jointly with US based Walsh University and Masters of Business Administration which is offered only on weekends.

The university also offers a full time diploma in Counseling. Dr Luwerekera however said that each of the classes accommodates only 50 students with the exception of MSc. in Education whose specifications are limited to 35 students. Though the university is yet to mark a decade, their main inspiration is derived from their ability to bring out job market competent graduates on to the job market.

This is enabled by the fact that the university equips its graduates with all round abilities to enable them to be multi-tasked employees in the future. “We make sure that we equip our students with skills that enable them to think outside the box because of the inter-disciplinary courses that we offer them. And I am not surprised that employers are forever looking for them,” Dr Luwerekera says.

The University also boasts of some of their students especially those offering Bachelors of Education who are taken to be education administrators during their internship program.
However, the university administration is still dissatisfied by the perception of the public towards the university.

“Many people think that this is a university that only train brothers and with that they never apply for vacancies here and such a perception should get out of the people’s minds,” Dr Luwerekera urged. He says that the university belongs to different stakeholders and therefore the administration makes sure that the needs and courses that cover the different needs of people in the community are put into consideration.