Embrace Web designing for a career

Monday October 14 2019

Like many other careers that did not exists

Like many other careers that did not exists decades ago, web designing is one of the recently created ones thanks to digitisation. Net PHOTO  

By Esther Oluka

Every company in the world today has a website on which to interact with its clients created by website designers.
Mark Mubeezi, an information technology specialist with Akili Systems in Kampala, says web designing is a way of putting up a customer’s requirements into technology, while creating a system (site) to accommodate a client’s needs. “It is a viable career,” he says.
But in order to become a website designer, he notes that one has to study courses such as information technology or computer science.
“Within these courses, you will be taught concepts on website designing including structure, graphics, styles, among other aspects,” he says.
If one is not able to study these courses at university, they can opt to take up courses affiliated with website designing at different learning institutes.

And the money?
Once one has qualified in website designing, Stephen Musinguzi, a software engineer and developer with SM Corp Ltd, says they can apply for a job in any organisation or start their own company.
“Like any other business, the beginning is not always easy especially when you are self-employed. Some individuals do not see the use of websites, even as a marketing tool. Sometimes it takes a lot of persuasion to change the mindset of such people or organisations,” Musinguzi says.
Website services are offered to notable organisations such as banks, schools, and ministries, among others.
Musinguzi says that charges for creating websites for clients depend on a number of things including functionality, the number of pages on the site, among other things.

Why are they important?
Palu Batayobu, director at Pimba Systems, an information technology company says websites are different types of websites and these serve different purposes for clients.
“For example, entertainment websites help readers know what is happening on the social scene while news websites update readers on current affairs,” Batayobu says.
Those interested in taking up web designing as a profession, Batayobu says, should bear in mind that some of these sites take a lot of time to design.
“Some of these sites take weeks or months to create, therefore, one has to exercise a lot of patience on the job,” he says.
Also, Batayobu says sometimes the money does not come immediately.
“For example, there are clients who first want to see results before making payment. And remember, some of these sites take a lot of time to get designed. Imagine getting paid after two months?” he says.
Despite these challenges, Batayobu says website designing is a profession like any other that has setbacks. But in order to thrive in this career, Batayobu advises website designers to know a number of programming languages so as to meet their client’s needs.
Common types of websites
•Blogs which may for instance be managed by an individual documenting their theme of interest such as fashion.
•Business directory websites often have vital details including phone numbers and addresses of businesses.
•New websites which exclusively run current affairs such as news and features.
•Entertainment or gossip websites which may be on renowned famous celebrities like musicians.
•Photo gallery websites which may include an archive of photos on themes such as fashion, weddings, among other themes.
•E-commerce websites are online shops that enable people to order for goods and services and make the payment right using the internet.