How playwright Byron Kawadwa met his death

Playwright Byron Kawadwa (2nd R) with some of his colleagues in the 1970s.

What you need to know:

Attack on the theatre. In 1977, Uganda was one of the African countries represented at the second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in Lagos and Kaduna in Nigeria from January 15 to February 12, 1977. Drama Group Kampala City Players, headed by playwright and actor Byron Kawadwa, represented the country. This week in Witness, Sarah K Birungi takes us back to the events of 1977 leading to the disappearance and death of Kawadwa, one of Uganda’s leading playwright and actor at the time.

Sarah K Birungi, a retired secondary school head teacher and actress with the Kampala City Players was part of the cast of the famous Oluyimba lwa Wankoko, (Song of the Cock), which was staged in Nigeria at the Festac Festival in 1977.
Birungi was drafted into the group from Nabisunsa Girls School where she was teaching and had produced a number of plays staged by her students. In Oluyimba Lwa Wankoko, she acted as one of the many wives of King Wankoko in his palace.


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