Mao: My arrest was ridiculous

Tuesday April 12 2011

By Mercy Nalugo

DP president Norbert Mao was yesterday arrested in Ntinda during a Walk-to -Work campaign and detained at Kiira Police Station and later produced before Kampala City Council Court where he was released unconditionally. He spoke to Mercy Nalugo about his arrest.

‘My arrest is ridiculous because I was expressing concern regarding the high cost of living and the misery our people are undergoing due to greed and corruption.

If walking is an offence then am guilty and if condemning extravagancy exercised by our leaders is an offence then I should be charged. l am here because I am standing with millions who are sick and tired of enforced misery.

The walk is justified because Ugandans must walk to say enough is enough. It is a wake-up call for all Ugandans because democratic space has reduced and the police has become partisan.

Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura has been compromised, that is why we are being subjected to this. Uganda is not a land of freedom because the Constitution is being violated.

Government claims we are in a free market economy but it is the role of the government to control the inflation we are suffering today.

The greed in Uganda is too much and there are a few rich Ugandans while the rest still languish in poverty. Government has become an end in itself and everything that is being done is to protect it. Uganda should brace itself for a long period of legitimate protests over genuine issues.