Amnesty law contravenes Constitution, says AG

Wednesday August 17 2011

By Ephraim Kasozi


The government yesterday said persons who were granted amnesty after renouncing rebellion received it in error since the Amnesty Act contravenes some sections of the Constitution.

During a hearing at the Constitutional Court, state counsel Patricia Mutesi from the Attorney General’s office said the blanket amnesty to all war crimes, granted under the Amnesty Act, is in violation of the Uganda’s international law obligations that incorporates international treaties.

The state attorney quoted Section 2 and 3 of the Amnesty Act, which she told court are inconsistent with some sections of the Constitution, and wanted the court to quash the entire Act.

She, however, said the court’s decision would not affect the more than 26,000 people already granted certificates since the law does not work retrogressively.

Ms Mutesi was responding to a question from former LRA commander, Thomas Kwoyelo, who is seeking to block his trial over 53 counts of crimes against humanity in connection with the two-decade war that claimed lives and property in northern Uganda.