Court frees ex LRA rebel Kwoyelo

Thursday September 22 2011

Former LRA rebel Thomas Kwoyelo

Former LRA rebel Thomas Kwoyelo 


Former LRA rebel Thomas Kwoyelo is a free man after the Constitutional Court in Kampala this morning ruled that he is entitled to receive amnesty just like others who renounced rebel activities which he had applied for last year.

The five justices led by Amos Twinomujuni in their ruling read for them by the assistant registrar, court of appeal Alex Ajiji, also ordered that Kwoyelo’s file be taken to the International Crimes Court in Gulu to immediately cease his trial that had commenced about a month ago.

“The applicant (Kwoyelo) acquired a legal right to be granted amnesty or pardon under the Amnesty Act just like everyone who renounced rebellion” read the ruling in part

Adding ;“ Indeed in terms of sections 3 (2) of the Act Kwoyelo as a reporter shall deemed granted amnesty just like others… once he declared to the prison officers that he had renounced rebellion and had intentions of applying for amnesty,”
Mr Kwoyelo was facing over 53 charges of murder, willful killing, kidnap with intent to kill, aggravated robbery and destruction of property during an attack he commanded in Abera village in Parubanga, Pabbo Sub County in Amuru district in 1999, among other offenses during the two decade LRA rebellion led by Joseph Kony.

By press time, Mr Kwoyelo had been driven back to Luzira under tight security before having plans of being transferred to Gulu court to formalize his release.
He will have to go to the amnesty commission to get his certificate for officially renouncing the LRA rebellion.

Shortly after the ruling , Mr Kwoyelo smiled in the dock before hugging one of his lawyers Francis Onyango.

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