My life is in danger, says Karuhanga

Friday October 14 2011

By Mercy Nalugo

The MP who blew the whistle on ministers implicated in oil corruption scandals has claimed some people are threatening his life. Mr Gerald Karuhanga, the youth MP for Western Uganda, who was on Monday given police escorts after he submitted documents that pinned Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, Mr Sam Kutesa (Foreign Affairs) and Mr Hilary Onek (Internal Affairs), said yesterday that he has been warned to be careful about his movements or else he would be “finished off”.

“The three people whom I will not disclose because of the danger involved if they are exposed, told me last night they have got information that some people want to harm or even finish me because of my revelations,” said Mr Karuhanga.

In an interview with Daily Monitor at Parliament yesterday, Mr Karuhanga said since he blew the whistle, his life has been threatened. Mr Karuhanga, who did not say exactly how his life has been threatened, has since returned the police escorts. “I am going to share the information with my colleagues I am conducting the investigations with before I can report to police,” he said.

Mr Karuhanga said he had not notified the Speaker of Parliament about the death threats which, if true, would pose a threat to the independence of MPs to approach matters of national interest unrestricted.

President Museveni, who is known to enjoy a close personal relationship with at least two of the named ministers, has dismissed the Karuhanga documents as a forgery even as Parliament prepares to commence inquiries into the matter.

Addressing the media at State House on Wednesday, President Museveni said he had established through two separate inquiries he commissioned that the document was a fake.
Under the Whistleblower’s Act, a whistle blower is entitled to full protection from the state.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said yesterday that if Mr Karuhanga approaches them, they will provide him security. But Mr Karuhanga said: “My concern is that the security will be used by my detractors to spy on me. I will, however, apply for a personal guard. My family members are all worried and my mother was taken to hospital yesterday because of pressure.”

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga told Daily Monitor yesterday that the MP had not lodged any complaint in her office. “Karuhanga hasn’t told me anything yet I have been in my office the entire day. Let me crosscheck and find out what is happening,” Ms Kadaga said.

MPs on Tuesday resolved that all ministers who were implicated in corrupt oil dealings with foreign oil companies allegedly involving billions of shillings, step aside to pave way for investigations.