UPDF plane crash lands at Entebbe airbase

Monday November 21 2011


There was stampede at Entebbe airbase Monday evening when a plane crash- landed after the under-carriage (wheels) failed to deploy during a fly-testing run.

Witnesses said it was one of the newly acquired fighter jets but the army denied, saying it was different plane.
“This was a four-seater plane, not the new jet and all passengers came out alive. The pilot made a mistake during crash-landing stimulation exercise but it’s in good condition,” the UPDF air force spokesperson, Capt. Tabaro Kiconco said.

Witnesses said the crash caused big bang when it touched ground before police fire brigade rushed to the scene to rescue the situation.

“I was at Kigungu stage and heard a bang on the run way prompting us to run and see what was happening. I then saw the jet moving on its belly for some distance before it stopped,” the witness said.

By 9pm it was still lying in the middle of the runway with airport staff and police fire brigade surrounding it.

UPDF Spokesperson Felix Kulayigye in a statement sent at 9:30pm said the two pilots were unhurt. Unconfirmed reports said some lights at the runway had been switched off and two passenger flights of Kenya Airways and South Africa Airways could not land.