To err is human, Kabakumba says

Friday December 16 2011


Fellow Ugandans, ladies and gentlemen, at the tender age of 30 years I chose to offer myself to serve my nation. In my tenure of political leadership, I have shared the noble vision of NRM which is transforming Uganda from a peasant society to a modem, industrialised and united country within 30 years. I am indebted to the people of the Greater Masindi (Kiryandongo, Buliisa and Masindi) who gave me the first opportunity to serve from 1996.

As a cadre of NRM, my core concern was to ensure the people I lead, objectively understood why they supported the Movement. I am proud that my dream has become a reality.

When I was offered the opportunity to serve as Woman MP for Masindi District from 1996 -2001, I strived to bring Bunyoro issues onto the mainstream National Dialogue/Agenda. As a woman activist, I demonstrated that beyond the affirmative action which was a brain child of the NRM, women needed to take advantage of the objectives of affirmative action to assert their full potential.

That was the reason I moved from the affirmative seat to the mainstream constituency to contest with men. I was confident of success because I had demonstrated my potential. Indeed in 2001, I easily won the Bujenje seat. However, I must admit this did not go down well with conservative elements who do not believe in progressive changes. Since 2001, I have lived in the shadow of the conservative resistance. The good news is that with time they have come to accept that yes, even women can perform.

Those who care to follow Bunyoro politics will recall the agony I endured amidst a protracted media smear campaign. Some people had even proposed that I give up then, but I was determined to move on and the truth prevailed when I won both the primaries and the general elections in 2006.

These remarkable achievements endeared me to the national leaders, and no wonder, when the country embraced multi-party politics after a long time the authorities appreciated the potential and zeal that could be developed to steer the new NRM in a new multi party dispensation.

I look back with a lot of pride in what we accomplished as a party under my pioneering leadership as a Government Chief Whip. Indeed this achievement endeared us to some sections of the political divide and obviously distanced us from the foes of Movement politics who were greatly disadvantaged by a united and harmonised NRM. It is a fact that under my tenure, it was not a nicety to be labeled an NRM ‘rebel’.

In February 2009, my assignment to a new task to oversee a limping docket of Information and National Guidance was yet another challenge that required a lot of courage. Those who wish to use proper sense of judgment will vividly remember that we breathed new life in the sector, and government began to be visible.

Once again this was a relief to those who mean well but at the same time it rubbed the wrong side of the detractors of the system. It is unfortunate that it is amidst these very tremendous achievements that some human errors could have also found space. We shall register these, but in our resolve to continue our national service, these can never be a source of despair, neither can they divert me from remaining a loyal cadre to the NRM party and the people of Uganda.

More recently, we had embarked on yet another challenging sector of mass mobilisation and monitoring government programmes that is the mandate of my current posting. We had already identified the need to reach out to the grass-roots, where together with our government agents were poised to wake up the sleeping potential of our people. I regret that I may not be able to see how this unfolds for now. I have served my country with diligence and to the best of my ability; I have never used my office for any personal gain.

Let me state once more that no UBC equipment were found at KBS studio which is housed in a privately owned property, on Percee Street plot 53, separate from any UBC premises. My conscience is clear that I had no personal involvement in any of the commissions and omissions by the management of KBS.

For instance, in July 2011 when KBS transmitter got technical problems, without my knowledge or consent the manager of KBS entered into an understanding with UBC to temporarily use the UBC transmitter within the UBC transmission house at Kiguiya Hill (NB: UBC at the time was not utilising the facility). It is also a fact that KBS was authorised by UBC to access its mast at Kigulya Hill in Masindi and instill KBS equipment as UBC processed the application of KBS for formal contract/agreement to rent. Nonetheless, ethically I wish to take political responsibility.

‘To err is human’
I have enjoyed every moment of my service to my nation, always mindful that I should not let down the trust bestowed on to me by the President and the people of Uganda.
However, to error is human, even when we still begrudge the manner in which justice may have not been exercised to its logical limit. It’s my humble patriotic duty and, in the interest of democracy, my party NRM and indeed my biological family, that I will for now give way to allow smooth and unfettered consideration of the controversy in which I find myself in. I therefore resign my current responsibility of Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority with effect from 14th, 2011.

For God and my country.

Princess Kabakumba Labwonl Masiko-MP Bujenje