IPU women delegates want more power

Sunday April 1 2012



Women delegates at the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly have proposed a strategic path that, if implemented, could ensure an increase in women’s participation in influencing policy decisions.

They want increased representation in key leadership positions such of the Security Council, in Parliament, local governments and even in the private sector. But they said women need to network not only amongst themselves but also with the men because “there is nothing much we can achieve by isolating the men.”

Ms Monica Green, a Member of Parliament in Sweden, said if countries ensure that more women make it to leadership, governments would spend more on social welfare systems. She added: “Men always want to show power. But women are mindful of the welfare and peace of people. So we need to push for more women leaders both nationally and globally.”

The women said countries that do not ensure women are represented should be penalised. For instance, they said Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea that did not send representatives to this conference should be punished.

They were discussing the theme “Redistribution of power, not just wealth: Ownership of international agendas” yesterday in Kampala. Besides, they added, having more women in leadership should help empower the women at the grassroots level.