Anaka Hospital grapples with doctor shortage

Thursday April 12 2012

By Cissy Makumbi

Ms Leila Opobo, 76, who was diagnosed with hernia last month, has to endure the pain until a surgical camp, which is done once in three months at Anaka Hospital, is carried out.

Anaka Hospital has for the last one year had no doctor. It depends on clinical officers, which puts the lives of patients in danger due to shortage of medical specialists.

Ms Opobo has to endure the pain for another one month before she can be operated on.

“According the medical report, my sickness needs immediate operation but I have no choice but to wait for the surgical camp at the hospital,” she says.

Ms Opobo says she cannot afford transport to Lacor Hospital where the operation can be carried out, adding that she does not have money to pay medical bills and cater for herself at Lacor Hospital.

The Nwoya District Health Office, Mr Joseph Olango, say Anaka Hospital has been run by clinical officers for close to a year due to shortage of doctors.

“There are six clinical officers. One also doubles as a medical superintendent, which affects service delivery. Referrals are always done at either Lacor Hospital or Gulu Regional Referral Hospital,” he says.

Mr Olango adds that some health workers at the facility went for further studies, creating a shortage of personnel.
“Plans are underway to recruit specialists in the hospital,” he says.

The District Communications Officer Mr, Geoffrey Axuma, says: “Failure to have doctors in place is a risk when it comes to emergencies. Vehicles that are meant to transport people with such cases at times are being used by the district officials.”

Anaka hospital
Staff: The hospital has six clinical officers, one of whom acts as the medical superintendent
16 staff members left the hospital for greener pasture due to late low and late payments
Hernia: Hernia occurs when part of an internal organ bulges through a weak area of muscle. Hernias occur in the abdomen and they affect men, women and children, they weaken and strain muscle.
Nausea, vomiting and severe pain as well as discomfort in the localised area are some of the complications