Gunshots rock Makindye over pre-ticked ballot papers

Thursday February 18 2016


KAMPALA- Gunshots rocked Kibuye One Zone near Molly and Paul polling station in Makindye Division, Kampala District, as charged voters wanted to lynch an unknown man who had pre-ticked ballot papers, allegedly in favour of incumbent President Museveni.

The ugly scenes ensued when the suspected culprit only identified as ‘doctor’ also a resident of Kibuye 1 Zone, was being pursued by boda boda riders from another nearby polling station (Amen) in Wasswa Zone for being in possession of pre-ticked ballot papers.

Hell broke loose after the suspected culprit started behaving wildly at Amen polling station when he refused to queue up, an act that made other curious voters suspicious.

In the move to conduct a search on him, he was found with pre-ticked ballot papers and a pistol on him. It’s from here that the melee started and he began shooting into the air while he ran for his dear life towards his residence that was a few metres away as angry voters ran after him.

Upon reaching his residence, the angry voters started pelting stones at his three-storied house leaving the glass windows broken. The rowdy voters also descended on his car that was parked in the compound and smashed its windscreens.

The anti-riot police forced themselves into the isolated building and got the culprit out, who was then driven away to unknown place. The recovered ballot papers were also taken away by the police.


Commenting on this incident, Obed Serunjoji, , a resident councillor said the actions of their fellow resident shows that this election has been stolen and pre-determined.

“We used to call him a doctor and we didn’t know that he could involve himself in stealing the votes. from what has happened here today, its an indication that this election has already been rigged…” said Serunjoji.

Away from the shooting incident,  another polling located outside the military police barracks in the same area had abandoned using the biometric verification machine on grounds that it failed to power up.

The poling officers had resorted to identifying the voters who had braved the scorching sunshine by use of the national register that was slowing down the process.

Still in Makindye Division, but this time in Makindye East at Tank Hill polling station, the landlord where the polling station had been created, threw the polling officials out.

The landlord, who declined to identify himself to the press, also didn’t give reasons as to why he had at the last minute thrown out the polling officials from his property.