Museveni launches campaign to improve household income

Monday January 18 2010

President Yoweri Museveni listens to Lameka

President Yoweri Museveni listens to Lameka Sserunkuma (C) and wife Margret Sserunkuma, one of the model farmers in Nsaja County after inspecting their banana plantation during his visit to Mukono District on Jan. 16. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyange  

By Ephraim Kasozi


President Museveni has started a campaign to improve household income among rural farmers to enhance the fight against poverty. The President, who visited farmers in Mukono and rewarded them for their achievements in implementing National Agriculture Advisory (Naads) programmes, pledged his commitment to fight poverty at household level.

“Many people speak about development but they do not understand it because they keep on referring development to tarmac roads, electricity and schools but to me, I consider household income. If we achieve this, our road to development is done,” Mr Museveni said.

He made the remarks on Saturday while touring Ntenjeru, Nakisunga and Goma sub-counties in Mukono District where he addressed two rallies and other impromptu stopovers where he addressed jubilant crowds.

“I have visited only two farmers and also opened a Sacco but I have asked for the whole list of Naads beneficiaries. I will start from here to investigate whether others also benefited. If I find out any misuse, the officials will be punished,” said Mr Museveni. The President said increase in household income will not only benefit the people earning it but the entire country.

Mr Museveni, who promised to tarmac the Mukono, Kisoga- Katosi road, pledged to consider a number of demands and petitions made by the district leadership and residents which included provision of tractors, care for elderly poor programme, irrigation services and construction of school staff quarters among others.


Giving an example of himself as a prosperous farmer in Rwakitura, Mr Museveni argued that homes should have enough food not only for consumption but also for sale to get money, “I want to assure you that growing crops and animal rearing is a better paying venture than any other job.”

Mr Museveni, who also launched Nakisunga Savings and Credit Cooperative in Kyetume, asked residents to emulate the model farmers and savers.
He urged them to form groups to lobby for government resources to build their income base.

Mukono District Chairman Francis Lukooya Mukoome asked the government to include provision of fertilisers under the Naads programme to help farmers realise their targets, saying the soils were no longer fertile.