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Tororo Hospital in power blackout

Wednesday February 17 2010

The life of several patients at Tororo Referral Hospital is in danger following the disconnection of electricity by Umeme over unpaid bills.

Mr Peter Oboke, the administrator of the hospital says the facility owes Umeme Shs24 million.

He says that they have been using a generator since the power was cut yesterday but have run out of fuel and have no money to buy it.

Mr Oboke said the operation theatre has been closed as a result and patients who had been booked for surgery have been referred to St Anthony Mission Hospital, which is 2 Kilometers away.

Dr John Obonyo, the Medical Superintendent at the hospital says that they cannot operate the theatre without power.

He said they have transferred all delicate drugs and blood for transfusion to St Anthony Hospital to avoid losses.

Mr Simon Peter Epilu, Umeme’s manager in Tororo said they decided to disconnect power to the hospital because there is no communication from the concerned district officials.

But Mr Felix Esoku, Tororo’s chief administrative officer said the ministry of health has not released any money towards such bills, this year.