Tinyefuza warns Otunnu again

Gen. David Tinyefuza

The Coordinator of the Intelligence Services, Gen. David Tinyefuza, has reiterated his warning to the Uganda Peoples Congress President, Mr Olara Otunnu, against commenting on the bush war in Luwero Triangle.
While addressing mourners at the burial of Paul Ndahura in Hoima District, the general cautioned the former UN undersecretary against indulging in loose talk.

“I hear this man Otunnu alleging that NRM killed people in the bush war. That is nonsense. He must stop it forthwith,” Gen. Tinyefuza said.

The late Ndahura was an NRM historical who reportedly participated in the bush war. He died on Monday after a long illness at Mulago Hospital.

Ndahura was buried at his ancestral home in Hoima Town Council on Wednesday.

Gen. Tinyefuza said the late mobilised over 700 Banyoro who joined the bush war struggle who were mostly under the 17th battalion.

“NRM liberated Uganda. Ask these historicals who exactly killed the people during the war,” he said.
Gen. Tinyefuza described Mr Otunnu’s remarks as hogwash.

“As we fought we found over 200 people massacred between Buhimba and Busiisi by the Obote government,” Gen. Tinyefuza said. NRA/M fought a bitter guerilla war from 1980 to 1986 when the guerillas toppled the Okello military junta that had toppled the UPC II regime.

Mr Otunnu recently called for an independent investigation into the killings in the Luwero Triangle.

Around the same time, Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao also called for an investigation into the killings in northern Uganda.

More opposition leaders threw their weight behind Mr Otunnu demanding that “justice has to be brought to the killers of the Luwero Triangle whether they are out of, or inside government.”

“When UPC under the late Milton Obote and the NRA under President Museveni were in the bush, they were playing a violent game. They were not playing football or volleyball and therefore a fully-fledged investigation must be done to know who committed the atrocities,” Mr Michael Mabikke, president of Social Democratic Party, said.

Tinyefuza’s pick
But Gen. Tinyefuza was thereafter quoted in the press as having promised to crush Mr Otunnu over his remarks.
He urged Bunyoro to shun the opposition and continue supporting NRM.

“We shall defeat these emerging elements the way we defeated Obote,” he said.

He said Bunyoro deserves to offer unreserved support got the ruling NRM government.

“You should not support the opposition and parties that killed people,” he added.


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