Five pupils die in road accident

Monday April 12 2010

TRAGEDY: One of the mothers with her son at

TRAGEDY: One of the mothers with her son at Jinja Hospital. He was among those who survived the morning accident. Photo by Dalton Wanyera 

By Daily Monitor Reporter


Five pupils have been confirmed dead and several others injured in an accident that occurred today morning along the Kampala-Jinja Highway.

The 7:30am accident which took place at milo-biri in Jinja district involved two vehicles carrying students of Bubulo girls senior secondary school and pupils of
Victoria Nile primary school respectively.

According to Jinja district traffic officer, Quinto Angeyra, other pupils and students suffered serious injuries including broken limbs.

Police say the mini bus carrying Bubulo girls, coming from Iganga, rammed into the taxi which was parked by the roadside waiting for the Victoria Nile pupils to board.

According to Police, the dead include, Jackie Nabuduwa, Zahara Namuganza, Juma Mulutu, Emmanuel Lasu and Namufuta Pauline.


The injured also include Alice Nagimesi the headmistress of Bubulo girls, James Mayina, a teacher and Agnes Wanzala a teacher.

The Bubulo girls were headed to Kampala to get visas for a trip in Sweden.